Shelley Munro

The winner of the e-copy of Shelley Munro’s contest is: Andrea Andrea, send an email with your choice of book from Shelley’s backlist, and the format you’d like it in to me at leah DOT braemel @gmail DOT com (removing the spaces and replacing the DOTs with periods of course) […]

Winner of Shelley Munro’s contest

I’m supposed to be packing for a weekend away with my writing buds.  I’m supposed to be ready to leave in the morning.  I’m not. *cringe*  I finished my edits on Texas Tangle yesterday (a day early–woot!) But holy moly, Angela James and my new editor at Carina Press, Rhonda […]

All My Bags are Packed—Not!

Food and Romance by Shelley Munro Food reality shows have hit New Zealand recently. We’re all watching and discussing our local version of Master Chef and most of us have firm opinions about New Zealand’s Hottest Home Baker and who should win. Of the two shows, my favorite is the […]

Shelley Munro’s Romancing Food

Over on my editor’s blog on Friday, Tera asked me about my favorite holiday food. I told her it was Pizza Cookies because although it doesn’t sound particularly Christmasy, I only make them at this time of year. (There are too many calories for me to indulge more than once […]

Pizza Pan Cookies

With my youngest heading back to school, this week’s been really busy. Curly’s in his last year of school – in fact technically he graduated high school in June although the ceremony won’t be until October. But he couldn’t decide what he wanted to do “when he grew up” until […]

Weekend Roundup

Hmm, just noticed that Shelley’s post was #666. It was not however bad luck or evil for one lucky commenter yesterday: Cybercliper Congratulations! You’ve won today’s daily draw. I’ll be emailing you in a few minutes with all the details. There were 29 items in your list. Here they are […]

Daily Draw Winner #28

Today’s author Shelley Munro is close to the antipodes from Canada. Which is ironic considering the Antipodes Islands are part of New Zealand, Shelley’s home. Normally I do an intro for my guests, but Shelley does such a fabulous job of introducing herself, I’ll let you sit back and read… […]

Shelley Munro: Small Town Girl

Oh oh. I’ve been SO good about blogging lately, and here I’ve forgotten to blog for two days! Yikes. At least the weather’s finally warmed to above zero and the eight-inch-thick blocks of ice on the roof are starting to melt. I’ve been hunkered down working both on writing the […]

Mea Culpa

I always get a thrill when I see that I’ve blogged about something that’s made someone go ‘Huh’. Yes, I’m dating myself with that reference, I don’t care. Apparently, last week’s book trailer blog inspired Shelley Munro to create her own for the next release in her Middlemarch series, Leticia’s […]

Book Trailers – Part 2

I’m doing my first ‘guest blog’ over on Shelley Munro’s blog today – I’m talking about how my family’s Christmas traditions have changed over the years. I’m also sharing my recipe for pizza-pan cookies. So don’t forget to pop over and say hi. (I’d hate to hear the crickets chirping.) […]

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