I’m so excited

It’s eleven o’clock on Monday night – I just got in from the Sherrilyn Kenyon signing. They had a tremendous turnout at the local Chapters store. As far as I know it’s the only signing she’s doing in Ontario. (so

Monday Monday

Not a big long blog post today because I’m deep into writing a new short erotic novella right now. And I’m getting ready for Sherrilyn Kenyon’s signing at my local bookstore tonight. I plan on getting lots of pictures and

Kicking Back for once

Between writing and the Birthday Bash, I’ve been spending 15 hours a day at my computer in my office and not paying much attention to the family (or the housework). The little trip to Mt. Tremblant helped a bit, and


Blue Sue sent me an email wondering what had happened to me – no I haven’t disappeared into the ether, there’s just not been much happening lately in my life. Sorry, but I live a boring life. Thankfully. I guess

Three Days to D Day!

That’s D as in Dallas! I know, you must be getting tired of hearing me going on about this, but it’s getting exciting! And scary! I actually dragged my suitcase out from the crawlspace today. Well, my suitcases – plural.