Ready for Winter
When my eldest son moved out, he took my his cat Spike with him. So every now and then he taunts me with photos. Like this one. Poor Spike. I insist that I must go to Toronto and rescue Spike and bring him home so he won’t be tortured by […]

Can he look more disgruntled?

I’ve pulled up the “new post” page a couple times since Gizmo Guy’s post, but what a hard act that post was to follow. GG’s a little embarrassed by all the attention he drew — oh, don’t worry, he did say originally send it to me as a post, but […]

Sunday Round-Up

Gah. I’ve always heard things happen in threes. And I’ve generally found it to be true, especially with unpleasant events.  Well, two unpleasant things have happened in the last three weeks, and I find myself now on tenterhooks wondering just what that third bad thing will be and when it’ll […]


Wow, it’s the middle of February already — the time is just flying by. Thanks for your patience while I’ve been hiding away in my writing cave. But this year I made the resolution to stop over-editing and get more work ‘out there’ and that means putting my butt in […]

On Spike and KD

Spike! Meet Spike … the newest addition to the Braemel household.  We adopted Spike yesterday — he’s seven years old and is a big boy so no kitten photos for you. Spike is named after Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Now I must confess, I’ve never watched an episode […]