Spot the Differences contest

  Congratulations to Shadow, who correctly identified the six changes in my Spot the Differences contest for a 2013 Houston Firefighter Calendar.  Shadow, we will be contact you shortly about sending your prize. In addition to my street team leader buying the calendar, I’ve also made a $50 donation to the Houston […]

Congratulations to the Calendar Winner

Wererabbit Contest notes: Each entrant who correctly responded with five differences was added to my spreadsheet and assigned a number in the order their entry was received. (I received 22 entries, by the way.)  I ran those numbers through’s sequence generator to determine the winner — Wererabbit.  I will […]

Winner of the 2011 Toronto Firefighter Calendar

It’s my second annual “Spot the Differences” contest.  The prize is the 2011 edition of the Toronto Firefighter calendar — the proceeds of the sales of the calendars support Toronto’s Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation. (Princess Margaret Hospital is one of the premier cancer hospitals in the world.) They don’t ship […]

Want to win a fireman? Or twelve?

Wow, the “Spot the Differences” contest for the 2010 Firefighter calendar was a lot of fun. And from what I hear you guys had a lot of fun with it too. The trick to it was to click on the picture so you could see it full screen (I did […]

2010 Firefighter Calendar Contest Winner

So much to cover for today’s post, covering both winners and ways to win. First off, the winner of Meg Benjamin’s Be My Baby is FLCHEN. Fedora, please could email me with your choice of format – PDF, PDF for Sony, HTML, Mobipocket, Rocketbook or LIT, I’ll send you your […]

Contest winner, and four contests yet to win

Post #800 It’s not that much of a milestone. I really shouldn’t be celebrating anything until post #1000. But I have this thing for numbers, especially if they’re even numbers, and even more so if they’re round like this one. So 800 tickles my fancy. Not to mention it’s coming […]

Spot the Differences Contest