Spring Fling

It’s been one of those days where the simplest tasks ended up going wrong. I sent out a newsletter today and the coding that showed up so perfectly in the preview disappeared when I hit send. *sigh* I’ve given up on Yahoo, I’m signing up for a mailing list and […]

Spring Fling Contest at The Samhellion

I’ve been fighting a miserable cold this week. (Thanks a lot, Gizmo Guy! grumble grumble) Yet, even though I am a bit discombobulated, I’ve had an incredibly productive day. The discombobulation? I had thought my Toronto Romance Writers meeting was today and decided it wouldn’t be very nice of me […]

A rare event. VERY rare.

Ugh. It’s April yet it’s blowing a gale and there’s snow in the air. I figured there’d be one more storm just to remind us we live in Canada, but I don’t like it when it’s into April and still snowing. Not unheard of, but it still leaves me grumpy. […]

Spring is Here? Where?