It’s still Monday, so I’m not posting this late. Exactly. I decided to put my writing before my blog posts today. I’m going to try to wind up my publishing terminology posts today. I let my “teacher” side run wild last week…sorry. While your editor is working on edits, there […]

Conclusion of my terminology lecture

A couple of housekeeping notes before I get into the rest of the day’s posts:  I’m participating in Spook-a-palooza contest with other Samhain authors. Go on over to www.samhellion.com for all the details–you can win a Kindle along with other prizes. The Raven Scavenger Hunt is also still on. If […]

They want me to sign away what?

Since I met quite a few people on the weekend that I confused by using buzzwords, I’m going to continue the theme this week of explaining the terms that a non-author or beginning author may not be familiar with.  This is not intended to be a how-to article, merely an […]

What did she mean, she queried someone?

Yesterday I attended the Toronto Romance Writers‘ monthly meeting. I love the members of the TRW — everyone is so enthusiastic and supportive. They’re friendly and they made me feel comfortable, and welcome, from the first moment I walked in the door. That first meeting  convinced me I had to […]

What did she say? Backlist? What’s that?