This week Americans have celebrated Thanksgiving — and as I’ve been writing, I’ve found myself wondering how my characters would be celebrating. What they’d be thankful for. One character stood out in my mind — considering the horrible year he’s had, he’d be thankful for the woman who walked into […]

Snippet Saturday – Characters who are thankful

Yup, it’s Thanksgiving Day up here in Canada. So I’m taking the day off, chilling out as dinner cooks. Okay, so since I’m the only carnivore I spared the turkey above from the oven. But there’ll still be cornbread and stuffing, sweet potato casserole, and pumpkin pie for dessert. All […]

Happy Thanksgiving, Canada

I’m over at Everybody Needs a Little Romance today, talking about how I changed up an age-old Thanksgiving Day tradition. And how I’m now wondering what else can be changed.  Come visit me and tell me if you’ve bucked tradition, or started your own…

Changing things up

Happy Thanksgiving to all my American friends. Up here in Canada, it’s just the last Thursday of November. For those of you who have asked how Mom is doing, she’s much better. She’s been moved to a Stroke Rehabilitation unit just a couple miles away from me and one week […]

This Last Thursday of November

How the heck did it get to be mid-September–and FALL–already? If you’re in southern Ontario next Sunday (September 26th), I’m going to be at Toronto’s annual Word on the Street celebration at Queen’s Park. It’s a chance to mingle with publishers, authors and illustrators of all types of books–non-fiction, children’s […]

Looking Ahead

It’s still Thanksgiving weekend up here – we had our big meal yesterday which went over very well. I’m still full, I swear. I’m also fighting off a nasty cold, and dealing with an aching tooth that’ll probably require a root canal. That’s on for tomorrow morning. So in order […]


Yup, it’s Turkey Weekend here in Canada, so this morning I’ve been preparing the turkey for the family. I hadn’t planned on having a turkey or even having it today, but my eldest son had other ideas. (Don’t even begin to ask on that one, unless you want to hear […]

Happy Thanksgiving, Canada!

As in enjoy your Thanksgiving Turkey today. Our bird is in the oven even as I type, smelling delicious. Roast potatoes, sweet potatoes, corn, biscuits, gravy. And a home made peach melba crumble for dessert. All I forgot this year were the cranberries. But since I’m the only one who […]

Get Stuffed, Canadians

This may turn into a ‘You have to be over 18 to read this blog’ blog. And if you aren’t vegetarian, you may be after this … Tomorrow is officially the Canadian Thanksgiving. But because my eldest is working tomorrow night, I’m preparing the turkey and all the ‘fixin’s’ today. […]

Happy Thanksgiving Canada!