The Trouble with Destiny

RK Charron Congratulations, RK. I will be contacting you shortly about your copy of JK Coi’s The Trouble with Destiny, so keep an eye on your inbox. There were 16 items in your list. Here they are in random order: RK Charron Estella Karin Hockey Vampiress elaing8 Razlover’s Book Blog […]

Winner of JK Coi’s The Trouble with Destiny

You may remember today’s guest blogger. JK Coi and I got together with Kimber Chin and did a fun free cross-genre story back in June, then JK guest blogged on my Birthday Bash. She’s back again with the re-release of her Trouble with Destiny. This past Saturday I was wondering […]

JK Coi’s Destiny is Definitely not Trouble