For those who have read (or will read–that’s you, right? RIGHT?) Unashamed, I thought I’d give you a little background on some of the terms and places mentioned in the story. Part one was yesterday, so here’s part two! As I typed the title, I realized there’s another term to […]

Unashamed: Out and About in TO

Every year, Toronto hosts the Toronto International Film Festival (T.I.F.F.) where for ten days we get to rub elbows with actors and directors who are here to promote their upcoming releases. Thanks to an article by CBC Books, I discovered that one of the movies they’re featuring this year is […]

Hysteria looks hysterical

Remember that firefighter calendar Nika posted on Wednesday?  Well, guess what? There are two firefighter calendars out this year in Toronto. I wish I’d been at Ashbridges Bay the day they were doing this photo shoot …  these gentlemen are hot enough to start a fire through spontaneous combustion. Like […]

Smokin’ Hot

Yesterday Gizmo Guy and I headed into Toronto. I was attending an “un-conference” called Book Camp TO – a free conference for anyone involved in the publishing industry – reps from small publishers such as Coach House to large publishers such as Harlequin and Random House participated, as well as […]

A Day in Toronto

Akkk! I signed up for the Ottawa Romance Writers conference and blogged about it yesterday, and then JK Choi posted about one she’s going to in NJ in October that is SOOOO tempting. JR Ward’s going to be there. Eloisa James is going to be there. (Okay, she’s going to […]

Too many choices!