I’ve never been one for “resolutions” but I do believe in setting goals. I have quite a few goals this year, some relating to my personal life, and some writing related. I think most of them would bore you to death — I mean, come on, doesn’t every writer make […]

Plans for 2011

Wow, this twitter post has been kicking my butt all week. The night after I wrote the first one I was up half the night making a mental list of everything I wanted to talk about, but every time I sat down to actually write it, I ended up deleting […]

Twitter 101 part 2

On Friday, I received an email that one of my followers Elaing8 was now following me on Twitter. As I welcomed her to that strange and wonderful world, I realized that it takes a little getting used to. So I figured for those newbies out there, I’d do a short […]

Twitter 101

First off, do you remember how Wednesday’s guest blogger, Dee Tenorio said she was sick? She was on Twitter last night — her doctor has diagnosed her as having Swine Flu, and worse, her children have it too. So let’s send her family good thoughts/prayers/wishes that they all get better […]

About Dee, Elaine and a Poll

Have you ever heard that authors should write what they know? Today’s guest Lisa Pietsch writes about military police, spies and all sorts of intrigue. An eight year veteran of the US Air Force, Lisa knows where of she speaks. (She’s got some fantastic ghost stories over on my MySpace […]

Lisa Pietsch Knows Why Women Love Geeks

Missy Jane will be leaving comments open on her post until later this afternoon when she will selecting three lucky winners. I will post who they are at that point in time. *** Winners: I’m trying to keep track of whether the winners received their prizes. If you have won […]

More housekeeping

Last night I participated in another author’s Twitter contest – she called out for people to twitter her and the first ten respondents would get free copies of some of her books (if you’re not on twitter, that’s a reason to be right there.) It highlighted a problem with twitter […]

Clarification of Tweeting entries

I admit it. I unashamedly tweeted a post hoping today’s guest would offer to be part of my Birthday Bash. Yup. I tweeted a post to someone else, but added Ann Aguirre‘s twitter ID, knowing she’d see it in her replies. To be honest, I didn’t expect her to respond […]

Ann Aguirre’s Revision Fun

As many of you know, I joined the ranks on Twitter a while back. It’s been interesting watching my “following” grow. When I mentioned brownies one day, I had a half dozen people interested in recipes follow me. Poor people, they don’t realize that when I cook, I tell when […]

Friday Rambling

My time on Twitter has been really interesting. While I don’t “Tweet” much myself, and I try to limit when I open TweetDeck so I don’t get sucked into the Twitterverse instead of writing, I love finding links like this: a proposed Braille ebook reader. Wouldn’t that be cool? Although […]

A different type of Reader

You know how I said it was spring on Sunday? It’s winter here again. There’s a blanket of white stuff covering my poor little crocuses. *sob* Ah, well, at least I know it’ll probably gone in a couple days as the temperatures are supposed to go back up into the […]

We interrupt spring for winter again

Happy St. Patrick’s Day. No, I’m not wearing green, and no, I have no desire to be Irish. Sorry. My word count has gone down thanks to a nasty migraine that hit me yesterday afternoon, I’m ‘sorta’ back on track today, though Twitter is being its usual evil self in […]

No Wearin’ of the Green here