In case you didn’t visit my post over on Jenny Schwartz’s blog on Thursday, I gave you a sneak peek into one of the trailer’s Curly made for me for Texas Tangle.  This one is Dillon’s story.  (I hadn’t realized until after I’d titled it on YouTube that once again […]

Dillon’s Dilemma

Yes, I know I’ve already posted something for today, but my sister just sent me the link to this and it reminded me of a video I posted a few weeks back on publishing. Since the blog is pretty much filled up until the middle of July, I decided to […]

Another Palindromic video

Things are heating up around here — both with all the promo I’ve arranged for June, and weather-wise.  We’re breaking all sorts of heat records around here.  It’s still only May and we’ve already had several days up in the 30s, and today it’s supposed to reach 30 with a […]

May? More like July

I’m still locked in my editing cave–but it’s going well. I’m really happy with the suggestions my editor’s made, even if they are challenging me.  The story’s getting even longer. Instead of the 180 pages it was originally, it’s now up to 187 191 pages and I have another scene […]

On Publishing