Vivian Arend

Vivian Arend returns…in Australia!

Ideas are funny things. As a writer, I’ve often found that the best ideas have come when I’ve let things roll. Trying to box in and plot too much, or plan in advance doesn’t work for me. Even while on holidays I’m a more “go with the flow” kinda person. […]

Home, Sweet Home…Alabama?

While I’ve been ploughing through all the things I ignored while in New York (and preparing for New York), I got another lovely review for Tangled Past — this time from Chris over at Night Owl Romance: “Dealing with the morality of the 1800s added to the suspense, and the […]

Want to win Personal Protection?

I’m helping Vivian Arend celebrate her tenth release, Turn It Up, with Samhain Publishing over on Facebook today. In order to make sure everyone is up to speed with my Hauberk series for my upcoming release Deliberate Deceptions, which is book 3 in the series, I’m giving away an  e-copy […]

Give a hug

My friend Vivian Arend is trying to keep the spirit of Christmas this year on her blog with her 12 Days of Giving posts.  Today she’s encouraging people to call someone and let them know you appreciate them.  As part of it, she’s giving away copies of books written by […]

Vivian Arend: Is It Real? 7

Is It Real? When I started writing Falling, Freestyle, I had a few goals. I wanted to have a contemporary love story set during the winter in the mountains. It was going to include skiing, or snowboarding, and I wanted to write a friends-to-lovers situation. What ended up happening has […]

Lists vs plot bunnies 7

I’m a plotter. Who knew? Not me.  Oh, I’ve always been a list maker. My desk has a half dozen lists on it at the moment, mostly in the form of short lists on sticky notes: “Things I need to organize my desk” is the one that stands out the […]