Vivian Arend returns…in Australia!

Ideas are funny things. As a writer, I’ve often found that the best ideas have come when I’ve let things roll. Trying to box in and plot too much, or plan in advance doesn’t work for me. Even while on holidays I’m a more “go with the flow” kinda person.

So when Jess Dee and I started to talk about doing an anthology together, the conversation was like an ocean wave. Lexxie Couper joined us, and that added another person’s ideas into the mix.

It was wonderful. We brought up a suggestion; someone would take it a new direction. Add a few layers of bright colours, and in the end Bandicoot Cove was born. It’s a luxury resort set on the Queensland coast of Australia. Now both Jess and Lexxie LIVE in Aussieland. I had to use my imagination. 😉 But with a perfect setting, and a general idea of three best friends coming together in one place—we had the start of the series.

Of course, I had to twist it a little more, and my story isn’t about one of the three friends—Kylie’s story got told in another story, EXOTC INDULGENCE which is out as a free read from the three of us. So I used Kylie’s little brother (little!—of the 6 foot plus kind) and he’s one of my heroes.

Writing is never a straightforward thing. And I guess, really, neither is life. This is kind of how I clean my house as well. I do one thing, then jump to another, but in the end I get it all done.

But I think a book is more interesting to share with you than a clean house. 😀



Fate is a wind that can change at the drop of a heart…

Bandicoot Cove, Book 2

Paige has enjoyed every no-strings-attached minute with her two Australian lovers, Trent and Mason. Over the past eleven months, they’ve surfed, hiked…and explored their seemingly limitless sexual chemistry.

Her lovers’ invitation to the opening of a new resort comes at the ideal time, because in a few days she’s returning to Canada. It’ll be a fitting swan song for their easygoing relationship. A chance to fulfill a few fantasies and then escape before her men realize she’s broken the rules by falling in love with them both. Better to take flight than be forced to choose.

Unaware of Paige’s self-imposed deadline, Trent and Mason scheme to get Paige on their yacht for a once-in-a-lifetime voyage with one goal in mind: break the news that they’re ready for something more than casual—and hope she doesn’t run like hell.

It’s a delicate operation that’ll require close attention to which way her emotional winds are blowing. One wrong word, and their paradise-perfect arrangement could be lost in an instant.

Warning: This book starts with the heat turned way up high. Two men entirely focused on one woman’s pleasure. One woman stepping outside the box to please her men. An exotic resort suite featuring an erotic piece of furniture that makes ménage a trois even hotter than usual. Really.

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Home, Sweet Home…Alabama?

While I’ve been ploughing through all the things I ignored while in New York (and preparing for New York), I got another lovely review for Tangled Past — this time from Chris over at Night Owl Romance:

“Dealing with the morality of the 1800s added to the suspense, and the impetus that kept the story moving was the developing relationship. Complete with an epilogue (which I personally always enjoy) this was a story not to be missed.”

Yay! Thanks Chris.

Another thing I’ve been doing is transferring over my photos from my camera. I have added some more pictures to my Facebook page — Lynsay Sands, and fellow Carina Press author Adrienne Giordano. And I finally figured out how to turn a video so it’s right side up (I’d turned my camera on its side because it framed the people better that way, then realized “d’oh!” the film was sideways.) So here’s a sneak peek at the shenanigans dancing at Harlequin’s Black and White Ball in the Waldorf Astoria’s Starlight Roof room exactly a week ago. In fact it’s almost exactly to the minute that I shot this! (Recognize anyone? 😉 )

Want to win Personal Protection?

I’m helping Vivian Arend celebrate her tenth release, Turn It Up, with Samhain Publishing over on Facebook today.

In order to make sure everyone is up to speed with my Hauberk series for my upcoming release Deliberate Deceptions, which is book 3 in the series, I’m giving away an  e-copy of book #2: Personal Protection.

Head on over to Viv’s author page, read the excerpt and then follow the directions at the bottom of the note for your chance to win.

Good luck!