Don’t miss…

If you live in Canada, tune in to CTV’s new Marilyn Denis show (I’d noticed her missing from Citytv’s Cityline but had no idea she’d moved over to CTV and gotten her own show — way to go, Marilyn!) Anyway,


Wow, I survived the weekend. I wasn’t sure I was going to on Saturday. I had a filling replaced a couple weeks ago – from one of those old mercury fillings to a new composite one, and ever since I’ve

What do you like?

As I wrote the other day in my Milestones post, my critique partner Dani suggested a while back that I write blogs about what happens “after the sale.” Today I was emailing Dani, talking about all the promotional things I’ve

My Website’s up!

I am SO excited to announce that my website’s up here. It’s come together SO quickly. And it’s so beautiful. I’ve been bugging Gizmo Guy to try to write something, while trying to remember the HTML coding I used to