Okay, in truth, I’ve never quite figured out what Mercury being in retrograde means, but whenever things start going off kilter in my life, that’s what people tell me has happened. I should have suspected Mercury was going to be a pain in the patootie when I got a call […]

Is Mercury in Retrograde again?

Wow, I survived the weekend. I wasn’t sure I was going to on Saturday. I had a filling replaced a couple weeks ago – from one of those old mercury fillings to a new composite one, and ever since I’ve not been able to chew on that side of my […]


It’s still Thanksgiving weekend up here – we had our big meal yesterday which went over very well. I’m still full, I swear. I’m also fighting off a nasty cold, and dealing with an aching tooth that’ll probably require a root canal. That’s on for tomorrow morning. So in order […]