writers block

I’m eight words shy of 3,000 words for today’s wordcount – not bad considering it’s just turned two o’clock. But my brain is starting to cramp, so I’m taking a break before I get back to tormenting Sam a bit more. The other night I was listening to a workshop […]

Smelling your way to creativity

Days to Dallas: Too few. All right to be technical about it, I’ve now got: 90 days 2163 hours 129805 minutes Over one month ago – March 10th to be exact – I was given a suggestion of changing my first-draft ms from a straight historical romance to a paranormal. […]

From Slow Crawl to Stop

I’ve been AWOL for a few days. Not for any particular reason, just been busy with life itself. Plus I’m stuck with my editing still. So I spent a day setting up my laptop and downloaded nearly a gig of updates (480Meg just for the Sony software itself). And may […]

Catching Up

Monday and Tuesday I had Curly home with the flu. Thursday and Friday, I had my hubby home with the flu. I had my eldest son home every single day as usual. Not good conditions for writing when people keep sticking their head in your office and asking ‘Can I […]

The End of a strange week