Yippee!! I hit 40,000 words today! And 182 pages. Not bad for 20 days worth of writing. So depending upon what publisher I send the manuscript to (which average between 80- 100,000 words), I’m either halfway there, or almost halfway there.

I added some tension, both external and internal and will lead to hostilities between Amelia and Nathaniel — the hostilities weren’t particularly all his fault, but because of some personal history, Nathaniel didn’t believe Amelia, choosing instead to believe her guardian who has, unknown to Nathaniel, Amelia or the reader, received some very faulty information designed to drive Nathaniel and Amelia apart. So tomorrow I’ve got to write Nathaniel out of his blockheaded rage and have him negotiate a cessation of hostilities. In other words, he’s gotta grovel and beg her forgiveness.

I’m going to have to go back and enlarge Amelia’s part and give her more depth. I think, as usual, I’ve caught my male protagonist’s character better than my female’s. You’d think as a woman, I wouldn’t find it as hard to write a female character as I do. But I always seem to have them come off either weak, or whiny, or bitchy. I can write a great female antagonist though! Think that says something about me? I do.

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