Well, the kitchen ceiling is a mess — the water did a lot of damage. It’ll have to be ripped out and replaced, Heaven only knows about the mould that may grow in the walls behind the cabinets and leaked out through the window frame outside.

We bought some product called Ice Viper that is supposed to melt ice dams. Hubby put it up on the roof over the weekend, but it doesn’t appear to be doing anything – in fact it is currently covered in snow, as opposed to melting it. So it seems that was a waste of money, not to mention effort.

As for writing, I’ve been distracted ever since Friday and not got much done. I know where I have to go but have trouble focusing and actually getting it written. I did discover a great source for architectural inspiration. When I went to England in 2000 I bought the guidebooks to the various castles/estates I visited, and just remembered today. So I dug them out and whoa! Talk about hitting pay dirt! Pictures and descriptions galore that can inspire me as I write about the estate my character has inherited. And an added bonus there are names of artists (painters and carvers) of the proper time periods so I can slide little bits in here and there for added realism. They have been moved from a bag in my bedroom closet to a place of honour in my office. Anyway, I’m at 47,000+ words, so it’s going slowly … about halfway through the first draft.

After the flood
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