I spent Monday fiddling around with my story — adjusting and editing but barely nudged the wordcount up. Usually after days like that I get inspired and write like crazy the next day. But today I was dissatisfied again, and spent the entire day editing. Although I wrote 4000 new words, I also edited out 2900+ old ones.

And I’m SOOO close to that 60,000 word barrier! But every time I got close (one time within about 300 words) I’d cut a chunk out. At one point I dropped down to almost 58000! But before I go to bed tonight I’m determined to write forward again!

If only I didn’t have to cook dinner. Or drive my son to work. Or wash the dishes.

Oh, to have servants! Except I’d probably be cleaning like a dervish before they arrived so they wouldn’t think me a pig! D*mn, I forgot to switch over the laundry!

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