Monday and Tuesday I had Curly home with the flu. Thursday and Friday, I had my hubby home with the flu. I had my eldest son home every single day as usual.

Not good conditions for writing when people keep sticking their head in your office and asking ‘Can I ask you a question?’

Uh, you just did?

Well, at least that’s the excuse I’m using. And I’m gonna stick to it.

Sunday I realized I needed to tighten my story and change the motivation of my hero/heroine. It’s not a major change, but it changes enough of every scene that it is quite an undertaking. I know people will say, I should have just kept moving forward with the new direction in mind, and saved the editing for later. And I will. Monday.

I gave myself this week to try to see if I could whip it into shape. I’m about halfway done. But I kept using other people as an excuse as an interruption. And hubby, being his usually helpful self (and don’t get me wrong, I appreciate it) would tap me on the shoulder to get my attention to offer me a new game for me, or new music he’d ripped from the CD’s he’d bought me at Christmas. And then I’d sit and play them and get hooked into them. Like Jewel Quest. D*ng it, I stayed up until 3 a.m. one morning playing it. And I can’t blame that on anyone else!

Today’s writing? Well, I wrote three ’13 Thursday’ lists after reading several of Amy’s blogs on that topic, and then reading other people’s and getting inspired. I guess that’s writing.

And for some reason the fantasy romance that I worked on for years has been bubbling back to the surface. After I’m done with Nathaniel and Amelia, I’m dredging up that old story I wrote under FastDraft and merge it with my original story and polish it into shape. Again. Or maybe I can turn it into a straight medieval rather than a fantasy the way it is now. I don’t care that Medievals are not ‘hot’ right now. I love that story and I want it to live again. (Oh, and the hunk to the right? Hugh Jackman … my idea of my look-alike brothers.)

The End of a strange week
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