I have a key ring that detaches in the middle as I often discover once I’ve started the car that one of the kids has to run back into the house which is locked. So I detach the keys and off they run. The trouble is, sometimes it detaches without me noticing.

About three weeks ago, I arrived home from doing errands and realized I didn’t have my house keys with me any longer. (We won’t mention the kicking on the door or screaming under the bedroom window I had to do to try to wake up my son who works nights and was slumbering peacefully inside oblivious to his freezing cold and irate mother.)

The trouble was I couldn’t remember where I lost them. It had been almost week since I’d needed them and I couldn’t remember if I’d had them when I went out or if I’d detached them to give to my son when we were taking him to work one night as he often forgets his own keys and I lend him mine.

We searched the house. And my purse (which is the Bermuda triangle for anything that’s put into it.) We searched through everyone’s coat pockets. And my purse. We searched underneath the seats of the car in case they’re fallen out of my purse. And my purse. Nothing. Nada. Zip.

I went to the stores that I’d stopped at that day and asked if anyone had turned them in. Nope, no joy there, either. So hubby went to a locksmith and had copies of his keys made for me (we have two locks on the front door and one lock requires a special key that the usual lock cutting people in the mall can’t handle).

Today a courier arrived, package in hand. I open it up, wondering what on earth would be sent to us by Purolator, and find a small padded envelope inside containing — tada! — my house keys!

Thanks to an old 2005 war amps tag I’d kept on the ring, some kind soul must have found them and dropped them in the mail box. The War Amps people then returned them to me!

For those unfamiliar with the service, the group – The War Amps – are a Canadian charitable organization that originated in 1918 after World War One to provide for war veterans who suffered amputations. They’ve continued through the various wars in helping our veterans, but now they also look after child amputees as well. One of their fund raising services is to provide Canadians with tags that you add to your key ring. If you lose your keys, the finder merely has to drop the key ring into the post box (they don’t even need an envelope or anything) and the post office will deliver the keys to the War Amp office who will match the tag with your name and return them to you. All free of charge.

They’re definitely getting another donation this year!

War Amps are Tops!
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One thought on “War Amps are Tops!

  • March 20, 2007 at 5:29 pm

    Wow, those key tags do work. I think I’ll donate this year. I’ve been forgetting more and more lately.

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