Gizmo Guy came home with another laptop today.

No, he didn’t buy it – and I’m cringing because I know it will shortly be abandoned on a shelf in the office like a ton of his other computer equipment. This is a freebie a friend gave him – did I mention GG works/worked in the mainframe computer industry where they often install desktops and laptops attached to the mainframes as a method of monitoring them and running diagnostics from far off places? When they de-install the mainframe (translation: they’re OLD) they also remove the desktop/laptop and the SE’s are told they can either take them or scrap them. His friend removed one a few months ago and has had it sitting around his house and offered it to my hubby today when he stopped in for a visit. It’s an absolutely unknown brand name built specifically for the mainframe company, but it’s got a Pentium 3-400 mhz chip and Windows 2000 loaded. Thank Dog (as Miss Snark says) I got my Sony last week otherwise I would have found myself with this latest gadget — which by the way is batteryless and has only a four gig hard drive partitioned into two 2-gig partitions.

However this now brings our household to a total of:

  • four people
  • five desktops (ok, so one isn’t hooked up and is sitting on the floor in the basement but it works still)
  • four laptops (if you include GG’s work laptop that we don’t own but he brings home every day, and the 1993 brick he bought from his old company for $50 when they were changing their computers – it runs Windows 3.1 with AmiPro as its word processor! Watch NewsRadio, it’s exactly the same computer that Dave Foley uses)
  • two external hard drives (one on my desk and hooked to both GG’s and my computer for backups), and a tiny 120 gig one he carries with him since he is not allowed to store anything non-work related on his work computer
  • four printers – only two of which are hooked up to computers. Which means the kids have to email me or GG their homework if they need it printed
  • four palm pilots (two black and white, two colour – only one of which works anymore),
  • and a blackberry that he whined about very loudly when he got home today because they’re asking the people in his department to turn them in because someone in another department complained because his department had blackberries and theirs didn’t. So he’ll get a cellphone and a pager instead of his neato cool blackberry — yeah, that’s cost efficient. Pay rent on two items instead of one.

Hence the nick Gizmo Guy. He LOVES technology.

Gizmo Guy spent the night puttering around with his latest toy, trying to figure out if he could install Windows XP on it (which takes 1.5 gig – there goes one partition). He opened up the ram compartment to see what it looked like, and fiddled around with the Ethernet cards. In other words – he was happy.

I guess it would be like me writing a really good first draft.

Why he’s Gizmo Guy now
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One thought on “Why he’s Gizmo Guy now

  • April 4, 2007 at 1:59 pm

    Umm that’s a good nick name for him. My husband and him would have a lot in common, my husband is a software programmer technician for HVAC systems, so I have all that lovely technology stuff sitting around here. The only thing that’s mine is my lap top I couldn’t care about the other piles of technology creeping into my home.

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