BlueSueL kicked my rear end yesterday for getting frustrated. Thank you, Sue. Again. (Sue’s used to my tantrums – hence her swift and decisive reaction.)

Wylie – thanks for your encouragement too. I needed both.

No, I won’t delete the doc, but I will put it away for a while and mull over what to do about it. Although I am still amazed at the coincidence of the other lady’s idea, right down to the number of people in line to the title before our heroes. What are the odds? Why can’t I pick winning lottery tickets then?

Anyway, I’ll clamber back into the saddle and start in on my paranormal again. Now I have to figure out whether to scavenge from the original story to continue to try to write it fresh.

Oh, and I still haven’t dared get on my laptop to see the damage hubby did to that last night.

Pity Party is Over
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One thought on “Pity Party is Over

  • April 18, 2007 at 12:43 pm

    Just caught up on the posts. Don’t give up!!!!

    My Nano which had been an idea in my head for years was an idea that a bestselling author (that I liked to read). Well, she published hers two years ago.

    I almost gave up then. But decided, not too.

    Quoting Galaxy Quest “Never Give Up, Never Surrender!” 🙂

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