Well, I met ‘most’ of my goals last week. And boy, did I ever exceed my word goal. I’d set a 10K limit for myself not really expecting to reach it, but I hoped I would. Well, I reached almost 20K. 19,700 to be exact. Woohoo, or Woot! as Wylie says. (I like that one, Wylie). I cleaned up and entered my very first contest (see below). Not the one I had in my goals, but this one closed before the one I’d listed. Still I entered a contest, so I figure that counts. And I drafted a very short blurb – boy are they hard – summarizing my current story. Not bad, that’s three out of four, I think.

I did some research into Mary Altman, who I’m meeting with in Dallas. She’s looking for erotica, but she’s also interested in Historicals – traditional regencies to be exact for their new Cotillion line. I do have my original gargoyle story, pre-paranormal version, but I’m going to have to work like a SOB to make sure it’s ready to go. I mean, it’s finished, but yikes. So goals for this week:

1) Decide whether or not to enter the Vixen contest as I’d thought last week. I’m still unsure, it’s a bit pricey.
2) Write Write and Write some more. Finish the current erotica story which is definitely going to be more than the 15K I’d figured it would be, will now be between 20 – 25K, but that’s pretty much there – at 18K already. Everything’s storyboarded out, now it’s just filling in the detail.
3) Edit Edit Edit my gargoyle story, especially the first three chapters in case Mary wants them submitted, but all of it needs to be smoothed out.

And I think that’s a lot for now. I’ve got two courses coming up that are going to take up some of my writing/editing time next month, so I want to get those done before I get distracted.

Oh, and I guess Goal #4 might be not to stress too much about all this.

Weekly Goals
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2 thoughts on “Weekly Goals

  • May 29, 2007 at 4:27 am

    Mary Altman was the original editor who request the full manuscript for The Bond That Ties Us. She was too busy at the time to take me on, but she passed me over to my current editor who did buy my story. Mary was WONDERFUL to talk to. Very friendly and supportive. She has a great reputation at EC.

  • May 29, 2007 at 2:59 pm

    Don’t stress, you’ll be FINE! Of course I’m one to talk … I’d be stressing just like you. Ok, I’ll stress for you so you can be relaxed. Deal, DEAL! 🙂

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