I had a bit of fun here this morning (Yes, I should have been writing.) It’s a Choose Your Own Conference Adventure done by the Ellora’s Cave Editors. All the perils and pitfalls of making assumptions of who people are and what they do at a conference. Luckily enough I made good choices the first time through, though I followed them all just to see what would happen…

Moral: Never Judge a Book by its Cover. Or a person either.

Choose your own fate …
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3 thoughts on “Choose your own fate …

  • November 17, 2007 at 10:03 am

    oh wow this is a neat thing to do

  • November 19, 2007 at 7:43 pm

    Hey – I found this too. Neat eh?

  • November 20, 2007 at 6:47 am

    I know that was so cool! I loved it. Of course I made many valuable writing contacts *grin*

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