It’s been a rough week. My mother has sunk back into the depths of denial and has decided she wants to bring my father home from the hospital despite everyone’s advice. So I spent a day at the hospital trying to convince her – with the help of a mental health nurse and the geriatric psychiatrist specialist, that she just can’t give Dad the care he needs. I think we finally got through to her, but we’ll probably go through it all again in a month.

And much to my disappointment, the Publishing course I took turned out to be a dud. While it was billed to be on the Canadian Publishing industry, the blurb failed to mention that it would only cover ‘Literary’ writing. I heard the usual sneers at ‘Commercial’ fiction, and even more towards Romance.

*start usual rant* I don’t understand the mindset of editors and publishers — and readers — who sneer at John Grisham or Stephen King or Nora Roberts. Or any author who appears on the Best Seller lists. It’s a publishing INDUSTRY – and the industry’s intent is to make money. If those authors are the ones making money and keeping your company afloat, why sneer at them and put them down? I’ll take a Robert Parker or Sue Grafton novel over a ‘literary masterpiece’ any day. And I’ll argue – heatedly – with anyone who tells me one more time that Romances are written by and for people with a grade eight education!*end rant*

Anyway, I don’t want to commit career suicide by blogging in detail about it, (did I just hear a snort of “too late”?) but if the type of information that was given out is what the average writer thinks is going to get them published, then all I can think is Thank GOD I joined the Toronto Romance Writers and the RWA! The information I’ve gotten from them, and the support from other writers I’ve met in the past year, is far superior to what I heard and experienced on Tuesday. And I will feel confident that any query letter, any submission I send out is far more professional than any sent out from that instructor’s students.


To go off on a totally different topic – well, not really, it’s still about books and reading, I’ve often read stories about kick-ass heroines who look like super models and think to myself, “Yeah, right, this is just too far beyond reality for me to buy into.” Well, now I have to eat a bit of crow. Because today I read this article that talks about a Russian super model who moonlighted as a body guard.

As a glamour model, 29-year-old Loginova often appeared on the covers of Russian magazines, scantily clad. She fronted advertisements for high-profile brands in Russia, like the German carmaker BMW.

But behind the glossy images, Loginova had another profession: She was an experienced bodyguard, trained in martial arts, commanding high prices to protect Russia’s wealthy elite. One notable client was Russian boxer Kostya Tszyu.

…. Those who knew Loginova say she was passionate about her double life, saying she saw no contradiction between her femininity and her dangerous job as a bodyguard.

“She was kind and sweet, not like a terminator, not like Sigourney Weaver in ‘Aliens,'” said Igor Cherski, editor of Maxim magazine’s Russian edition, which commissioned her last glamour shoot.

I guess they are out there. Or at least they were. Has that ever happened to you? That you’ve read something and snorted “As if” or “Get real” and then discovered that it’s not that far from real life?

Commercial Fiction rules!
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2 thoughts on “Commercial Fiction rules!

  • February 2, 2008 at 12:01 pm

    What makes me laugh is the fact that those who ‘sneer’ are rarely published authors. I think writers understand the struggle, no matter the genre, and (hopefully) respect their peers.

    I look at writing like art — there are the Rembrants, who take years to complete a wonderful wall-sized oil, and there are side-walk chalk artists.
    Both have talent – just different.
    Both have audiences that take great delight in seeing an artist’s creations – just different.

  • February 3, 2008 at 1:56 pm

    Uh, yeah! Too late.
    But good for you, because it is what it is – the truth.

    The bodyguard is reminiscent of Nikita which I always found a little unbelievable, turns it wasn’t either.

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