Midweek check in for the Kick in the Pants challenge. Notice it’s two days late. *sigh* I haven’t kept track of my word count. I have been writing, but it’s mainly been editing an entry for a competition.

**Warning Rant Ahead – you can ignore it, but I need to get it off my chest** I spent today running my mother up to the hospital as she’s arranged to bring dad ‘home for the weekend’ to prove she can care for him herself. Yeah, well, we’ll see.

She’s refused to put latches on the outside doors the way the doctors, nurses and Alzheimers’ people have all suggested. Nor has a latch been put on the door to the basement stairs – which is right beside the bathroom. To make matters worse, the county they live in is in the midst of a strike of municipal workers which means there’s no snow ploughing of side roads. And they get snow no one else does – the snow is three foot high on their front lawn – and no, that’s not drifts, nor is it where the driveway snow has been piled. It’s just that deep. Although it wasn’t snowing there today, it was blowing which is even more treacherous. I had to plough my car through 2-3 foot deep drifts to get to their place and by the time we came back from the hospital, they’d drifted back in again. Yet when I phoned her to check on them this afternoon, she was talking about ‘running down to the village for take out.’ Talk about living in the land of denial!

As for my plans for the rest of the week, I’ve finally arranged to go into Toronto tomorrow for the Swedish Massage I won at Margie Lawson’s course back in September. Maybe that’ll help relax me except it’s really the wrong end of the week to do it. You see, Youngest Son is home on a PA day today, and everyone’s home on Monday for this new Family Day the provincial government created. Gizmo Guy’s staying home the rest of the week too on a week’s vacation. And Guitar Hero will be home on vacation the week after that.

I figure by the middle of next week, end of the week at the latest, I’m going to be ready to hop in my car and drive non-stop to Texas or Louisiana. Anything to get away for a little Me time.

Where’d this week go?
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