Yay, I get to blog because I finished editing two chapters of Private Property today. Those goals I set are working, thanks to Margie Lawson’s Defeat Self-Defeating Behaviors. (I highly recommend it!)

(People in the Rockies – or Buffalo – who normally get dumped on a lot worse should feel free to snicker at this post.)

Normally I cringe at the stereotypical depiction of Canada and snow. We get some darned hot weather here in the summer. Last winter, the golf courses were open in January. We didn’t get a snowfall to really be concerned about until February.

But this year … this year, holy moly, we’re being socked in. Last weekend’s blow left six foot drifts up at my mother’s place. And last night we had more snow. Yet the 186 centimeters (74 inches) the Golden Horseshoe has received so far this year, is no where near what they’ve had in Montreal – 348 centimeters (139 inches), or Ottawa’s staggering 411 cms (164 inches – that’s 13.7 feet!) Those figures are brutal!

According to this report Canadians are suffering from something they’ve dubbed ‘Snow Rage’. Apparently, despite priding ourselves as a non-violent society, some Canadians are threatening others not only with their shovels but they’re grabbing their guns — all because of the snow!

It’s tough to take pictures of snow – the camera flattens the depth – but the snow here is several feet deep, and this picture was taken before last night’s addition. Now imagine trying to shovel a double-width driveway of that stuff. While your neighbour uses his fancy-dancy snowblower and blows the snow away from his hot tub onto your property, so you have to clear IT off too. (Let’s not even get into the icy piles left by the plough.)

Driving is tougher because the snow piled at the side of driveways and roads is higher than the car, so you have to edge out into traffic before you can see if there is any oncoming traffic. And half the parking lots are blocked now with huge piles of snow. Which from the looks of it will be lasting halfway through summer. In fact, according to the article, there’s one pile in Montreal reaching over 80 foot high they estimate won’t melt in time for NEXT winter.

Snow snow and more snow
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2 thoughts on “Snow snow and more snow

  • March 13, 2008 at 1:29 pm



    Now I remember why I live in Texas!

  • March 13, 2008 at 4:09 pm

    Ok,as I watch my Bradford pear bloom outside my window with the onslaught of 75-80 degree weather this week, I have to admit, I wouldn’t want to have to shovel snow and deal with the ramifications of it everyday. It’s time for Spring everywhere! Hope it happens for you soon! We wouldn’t want CANADIANS reaching for their guns!

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