We’ve known the B family for at least six years now, ever since Guitar Hero started dating their daughter Blue Monkey. Gizmo Guy and I have never met a nicer, more supportive family. But times have been tough for the B’s. Two and a half years ago, they lost Mr. B. to cancer – they discovered he had it in April, and by September he’d lost his battle.

Mrs. B. has forged on, raising both their son and daughter single-handed, managing the house while working as a French teacher at the local Catholic school system. Every time I see her, Mrs. B. is always smiling, and, despite everything, has managed to maintain a positive attitude. Something I’m not sure I could do under the circumstances.

Today we got the bad news that Mrs. B. has breast cancer. So if you believe in the Almighty, we’d all appreciate a prayer on her behalf as she faces the battle of her life, literally. If you’re not a religious person, at least keep a positive thought for Mrs. B. There have been medical studies proving the benefits in the power of prayer. Let’s try to make it work this time too.

Prayers Needed
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One thought on “Prayers Needed

  • March 20, 2008 at 7:22 pm

    Oh, what horrible news… my thoughts and prayers are with Mrs. B.

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