Wow, a whole month has flown by and tomorrow is the monthly Toronto Romance Writers meeting. Where the heck did the time go?

West, is what Gizmo Guy would say.

It’s been a productive month at least. I’ve written a total of 47,266 words since the last meeting (and I’m still writing today, so it’ll go up slightly.)

Sam’s story is coming along nicely, though I’ve temporarily shelved the story Michelle challenged me to write for Harlequin until this draft is finished. But I don’t think there’s a particular rush on that – it’s halfway finished, and I probably have a pitch session with Brenda Chin in September, so I’ve got a little bit of breathing room to get it polished up before then.

Father’s Day is on Sunday – hopefully the weather’s nice because Gizmo Guy has made reservations at his favorite golf course for him and the boys. And I have to take Curly out tonight to buy him a present, since I won’t be around tomorrow to do it. Got a bit of a conundrum of what to do about my own father this year – considering this is the first Father’s Day that he’s talked to me since 1999, and now it’s only because he doesn’t remember me most days. It sort of stirs up some messy emotions there. Ah, well, such is life. I’ll figure it out. (Wow, I was wantin’ to drop my g’s and t’s there and I’m thinking in a laid back Georgia accent. I think I’m still channeling Sam! Which is both cool and disturbing at the same time.)

And congrats go out to Savannah Chase who has just sold a story to Red Rose Publishing! She’s had a tough year with her original publisher closing down right after her story was released. Way to go, Savannah!

It’s that time already?
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  • June 18, 2008 at 11:32 am

    I just love that picture! I could walk out that dock and just sit til the Sun came back up again.

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