I’m married to a Gizmo phreak, and by default I’ve obtained quite a few ‘gizmo’s’ of my own – like my blue tooth wireless headphones, the e-Reader I just blogged about, a tiny wallet-sized digital photo frame I got for Mother’s Day, my MP3 player, my PDA, my cell phone and my laptop, amongst other gadgets. I won’t even begin to enumerate Gizmo Guy’s! The problem is that each one of them requires their own specific (and usually large!) AC adapter. (I can’t even think about the mesh bag of orphaned adapters behind the office door. Were they from some of Gizmo Guy’s various cordless phones? From old computer accessories we’ve dumped? I have NO idea.)

A lot of these devices also come with USB cables. My computer has six – count ’em – SIX ports and yesterday Gizmo guy had to install a 7 port USB hub on my computer as I ran out of slots! Trying to figure out which cable led to which device was like following a maze.

I’ve run out of plugs on the huge surge suppressor beneath my desk, so now I have to run around the house looking for an unused plug (not an easy thing to find these days considering the electrical devices we have.) But the biggest problem is finding which adapter fits which device. I’m starting to think I need to create a label for each one and buy a drawer or basket system to store them in so I don’t lose them or plug the wrong adapter into the wrong device and blow up the battery. Not to mention my desktop is now covered with cables, and my feet are constantly entangled when I stick them under my desk. I can’t count the number of times I’ve gotten caught up in a cable and then gone to move and dragged darned near half the contents of the top of my desk onto the floor.

Does anyone else have this problem? Or is it just one of the perks of living with a Gizmo phreak? And if you have the same challenge, what do you do to keep all the adapters and cables straight?

Wires, Wires, everywhere
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2 thoughts on “Wires, Wires, everywhere

  • July 2, 2008 at 8:28 am

    Ha, I can so visualize removing half the contents of your desk when you move one of those cables. I have done that several times. Sometimes even without the cables. What can I say, I’m a bit accident prone.

    I do have more cables than equipment. You just hate to throw it away in case it’s for that never used piece that you’ve kept just in case.

    I did rearrange my home office about 6 months ago and I tried to get rid of anything that was orphaned. And I even put all the equipment that I don’t use everyday in a box that I can get to easily.

    Now if I can just get rid of all the rest of my clutter.

  • July 2, 2008 at 4:54 pm

    When I got my new office furniture last year which is VERRRY heavy I knew I was going to have to plan for extensive additions to my gadgets. I setup two 6 plug extension in back in addition to the one that comes with the desk. They are all full.

    That was one of the things I just didn’t have the courage to tackle today.

    After the experience at the mfg plant I realized that all my cords and adapters needed to be labeled so I used osme address labels and marked all of them. Then those that I don’t use temporarily I place in a ziplok with the item, for instance a mouse, and all of that stuff is in a tote box in my computer closet.

    The thing is all these plugs plugged into plugs plugged into other plugs are plugged into one regular outlet. That can’t be safe.

    The govt ought to mandate wireless on a grand scale. We should count the wires and see who has the most! Too scary.

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