I don’t often follow tennis – I think the last time I watched a bout, Bjorn Borg was center court. But yesterday, Gizmo Guy turned Wimbledon on and we watched the Williams sisters battle it out. Today I found myself riveted watching two very lovely young men duel on the court.

Roger Federer of Switzerland vs Rafael Nadal of Spain. Oh, my, such lovely eye candy for a Sunday afternoon. The match isn’t over yet – Roger just forced it into an extra set. Roger F is a very handsome young man – and against another opponent, I would have been rooting for him, but something about Rafael Nadal just had me cheering for him. Sorry, Gizmo Guy, it’s not just Nadal’s passion for the game that I find attractive, but *hubba hubba* what woman can resist those arm muscles left on full display beneath his sleeveless shirt. I even found the way he sweat attractive as I pictured him … *drools* Okay, that’s probably heading over into the TMI territory.

But I couldn’t help feeling slightly creepy – shouldn’t it be illegal for a woman my age to be ogling men who are younger than my eldest son? Nah – I’m pretty sure no guy would think such a thing, so why should I worry. So I think I may just start watching a lot more tennis while that young stud is around.

*Edited* YAY! Jumping up and cheering – Raf Won!

Oh Yum
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  • July 6, 2008 at 6:08 pm

    Yeah, he certainly makes tennis fun to watch. Fun. Hmm, that’s not exactly what I was thinking, but I think you know what I WAS thinking. And I was drooling too.

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