So I FINALLY got a new pair of glasses – and had to cringe when I got the bill. Although my prescription has changed slightly, I haven’t ordered anything out of the ordinary for my lenses, and the frames only cost $130. But where my last pair of glasses cost me $400 three years ago, and the pair before that (with exactly the same frames) cost me $215 … this pair cost me over $600! Add to that, Gizmo Guy needed new glasses too and we’ve just had to fork out over $1200 for two pairs of glasses. Of which we’ll get maybe a third back from the insurance company. That doesn’t include the cost of the exams since OHIP (Our Ontario Health Insurance Plan) no longer covers them.

What on earth has driven the prices up THAT much? I sure as heck know Gizmo Guy’s pay hasn’t tripled in the last five years. In fact it’s dropped in half from what he made three years ago. Our house has risen slightly in its resale value in the that time, but considering the unemployment in the area, it’s not likely to rise much more for a while. Okay, so gas has gone up but it’s not tripled. Has it?

To make matters worse, while distances are now back in focus, and I don’t have to flip my glasses off for reading any more, the mid-range correction isn’t up to snuff. (Did I mention I wear trifocals?) In other words, everything on my monitor (both desktop or laptop) is completely out of focus and my eyes are hurting worse than they were before I got my prescription filled. I’ve changed my monitor’s fonts to large, I’ve already been reading my Word docs at Text Width or 150%, I’ve played around by moving my monitors back and forth, along with my chair to see if there’s a specific spot I CAN read it. Yet my eyes are still streaming. I’ve even been desperate enough to go back to my old pair of glasses – and considering I went to the optometrist in the first place because THEY hurt my eyes, it’s definitely not an improvement. I’m going to take them back tomorrow where hopefully the optometrist’ll discover the lab got the prescription wrong and will get it fixed for me. Because if I have to put up with this for another two years, I’m going to cry.

On another (less whiny) note, take a jaunt over to Margaret Moore’s blog today – she’s got a terrific post about editing. And when to stop. It’s all about forests and trees. And grass. Anyway, I’m off to plant a few saplings …

Out of Focus
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  • July 29, 2008 at 6:09 am

    How frustrating!!!

    I’ve been fussing over my eyes as well. I had lasix almost ten years ago and am about to the point (past the point, I’m sure) of needing eyes checked and glasses again. But it was sure good while it lasted.

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