Today went a little differently than I had planned. I had planned to take Curly to the Purolator store to send his beloved Xbox360 back to Microsoft since it had the Red Rings of Doom for the second time in a year. I had planned on going to the post office and mail a very important document to the US government. I had planned on writing more on Sam’s story. (I’m SO close to being done that first draft it’s killing me!)

However at 7:30 this morning, my carefully thought out plans went askew. Gizmo Guy phoned from his Berry – yes, I admit, even after that rant from a few days ago, there are times that cell phones come in useful. He was sitting on the side of the road about 10 miles away. He’d gone through a small town and stopped at the last set of lights. Well, not exactly. Make that he tried to stop at the last set of lights. He put his foot on the brake pedal and it went right down to the floor and he just coasted through the intersection. Ooops. Good thing it wasn’t a busy intersection and he didn’t hit or get hit by anyone.

(We’d recently had his brakes done, but apparently their repairs didn’t include checking the brake lines themselves. Or something massive went wrong since. Anyway, when he depressed the pedal all the brake fluid squirted out of a hose onto the ground instead of toward the brake cylinders and activating the brakes. Not good! Guess it’s time to look for a new car. Or go down to one – mine. *sigh*)

Since he absolutely had to go up to the second (and of course, further-away) data center he manages, I grabbed my laptop (I even remembered to grab the power adapter this time) and headed out to find him. Twenty minutes later, I arrived to find him sitting on the step of a mechanics’. Wasn’t it handy that his car broke down less than 200 metres from a mechanic we trust? I think someone was looking down on him this morning – if his brakes had to go, what better place than at an empty intersection where he couldn’t get hurt or hurt someone else, and so close to a trusty mechanic that we didn’t have to hire a tow truck. *says quiet prayer of thanks*

So I drove him up to Peterborough and spent the day hunkered down over my laptop working on Sam’s story. Much to my surprise after all the stress of the early morning, I got a LOT done on it. In fact, when Gizmo Guy tapped me on the shoulder and announced he was done, I thought we’d only been back from lunch for about 15 minutes. In reality more than three hours had passed. I think it was because I was sitting at what my brain perceived as a real desk in a real office and thought “Right, it’s time to work” instead of its usual “Hey, there’s a new box of cookies in the kitchen with your name on it. Why don’t you brew another pot of tea and get a fresh cuppa to dunk them in?” or “I wonder if the bunny’s in the back yard or if the goldfinches have completely stripped that sunflower by the back door yet. You should go check .” I didn’t have Guitar Hero interrupting me to drive him to his girlfriend’s or wherever he wanted to go. I didn’t have a phone ringing off the hook thanks to telemarketers. In other words, I had no excuses NOT to write. So while I’m not pleased with the Honda’s last mechanical failure, the rest of the day turned out really well. So well that I’m starting to think that whenever he heads up that way the rest of the summer, I may be going up with him.

As it stands now, I’ve only got one more scene to write, so I’ll probably be typing those famous six letters before Monday (fingers crossed). And then I can get down to the dirty job of editing that sucker.

Best laid plans
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  • August 3, 2008 at 2:31 pm

    Isn’t it amazing how your day can turn around either for good or bad? Sounds like that’s a good place to get down to business. Whatever works!

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