On her blog post today, Amy Ruttan posted pictures of how she envisions her characters in her upcoming novel, Enemy Enchantress. And it got me wondering. If I had to choose actors for my characters, who would I choose?

For Private Property, I think if I could cast my hero, Mark, I’d choose Benjamin Bratt. (As I was googling for pictures of him Gizmo Guy looked over my shoulder. When I told him I was trying to find a sexy picture of BB, he said “that’s a futile endeavor because he’s not sexy.” Hmm, jealous much, GG?)

But the heroine, Jodi … well, that posed more of a problem. Charlize Theron perhaps? As she was in The Italian Job.

And the third character in that story is Sam – who will also star in his own story, if I can ever wrestle that sucker into shape (I’m working hard, honestly I am!)

Sam was probably the easiest character for me to cast because from the moment he first introduced himself early on in Private Property, I saw Dwayne Johnson (aka The Rock though he’s trying to lose that nick name). He’s even the right height and weight. And that smug little smile of his … *drools* Oh, right, I’m supposed to be blogging …

For Sam’s love interest who has a tiny tiny tiny bit part in Private Property, Rosie Perez wins hands down – I even named my character Rosie since I see her as the smart-mouthed, fast talking kick-your-ass woman that Ms. Perez always portrays, although my Rosie has a head of untameable hair. (Although to be honest, when I first started writing her character, I was picturing Red Garnier 😉 )

But for the other characters in Sam’s story? Well, there I’ve been stuck. I am not a big television watcher, and I am horrible with names of movie stars so even if I can picture my character in my head, actually finding someone who matches is a challenge.

Sam’s second in command Chad (who may be renamed – see why below) is a 38 year old distinguished, well dressed, former FBI agent. At six foot two, he’s got grey eyes and light brown hair that’s starting to go grey at the temples.

Maybe Scott Bakula, though he’s a bit too old in this photo? But I loved him in Quantum Leap, and he can command the troops while still maintaining a sense of humor. But he’s not quite right. I’ll have to keep looking – feel free to make suggestions either of actors or places I could look to find ideas.

Then there’s Scott, another operative in Hauberk Security sent by Mark to help Sam out. Though you won’t get an in-depth look at him in Sam’s story, Scott’s a tortured soul . I have plans for him in the future however. Oooh, brainstorm – Colin Ferrel! I loved him in The Recruit. Hmm, maybe I could even let him keep his Irish accent. Absolutely delish.

I also had to cast Chris – an early 20s very earnest young man who is easily embarassed. Strangely enough, though I hadn’t thought of the connection before, I think of a young Chris O’Donnell from Scent of a Woman. Thing is my critique partners tell me that Chad’s and Chris’s names are too alike and one of them needs to change their name.

I’ve tried renaming Chad but he’s getting pretty upset at the identity switch, so it may be Chris who becomes someone else.

Now I’ve still got to find pictures for Andy – who is mid-30s too, looks more like a biker than a former vice cop right down to his numerous tattoos; Sam’s assistant Sandy; and Thalia who figures a huge role in Sam’s history. Hmm, look like I’ve got some googling to do …

Putting Faces to the Names
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5 thoughts on “Putting Faces to the Names

  • August 18, 2008 at 3:45 pm

    I immediately pictured ‘Vasquez’ (Aliens) http://www.alicia-logic.com/capsimages/a_028JenetteGoldstein.jpg as Rosie. I didn’t even know her name, I had to look her up, but I’m thinking she’s been highly underrated by the industry.

    Scott Bakula is definitely a keep.

    and of course, you already know what I think about Mr. Dwayne ROCK Johnson. 😉

  • August 18, 2008 at 4:17 pm

    Whoops! Sorry for causing the procrastination.

    Good choices though!! Especially Dwayne! 😀

  • August 18, 2008 at 4:24 pm

    Sue – I’ve never seen Aliens – I really should one day.

    Amy – you didn’t really cause me to procrastinate, I’d already written 3K today so I figure I put in a good day’s work. It was nice to reason to google for eye candy.

    Oh, and Gizmo Guy took a look at my list after I posted and said “Eeeww, Chris O’Donnell? What are you thinking?”

    Guess he’s not a fan, LOL. Then again, it’s my fantasy, not his 😉

  • August 18, 2008 at 5:47 pm

    Okay, I’d suggested Rick for Chris but looking at Chris, now I can’t think of anything but Chris. Let’s see what were his characters names in his movies?

    Yeah, GG is operating from a tainted perspective. Not sexy, my a.

  • August 19, 2008 at 1:20 pm

    i have done that, my new character for one of my books Risking It All was this mysterious sexy long haired hunk and I ercently found a photo of what I had imagined him….

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