“What do you mean the hydro’s off?”

That was the refrain around the house for 8 hours yesterday. The Powers That Be (literally as it turned out) worked on something that required hydro in the area to be cut off – well, they claimed that it was supposed to be for 5 hours in their leaflet they’d left a couple days before though they turned out to be a little overly optimistic. Without their Playstation or XBox or television or computer, the boys were lost and getting snarlier as the day wore on. Gizmo Guy grimaced and complained when he actually had to drink water from the tap rather than the filtered water from the fridge. And for the second time in a week, I had to do without my morning cuppa. Oh, the horrors!

I know Cora Zane (who had to evacuate) and Marley Delarose (who is still eyeing rising water levels) would snicker, considering they’ve just endured Gustav’s wrath. I mean, come on, all we had to endure was 8 hours without hydro. No winds toppling trees causing $4K in damage, no sheeting rain, no worrying about the water from the bayou rising until it was lapping at the base of the house.

Gizmo Guy ended up getting restless and took Guitar Hero out for a very very long practice drive (3 hours). They stopped at a chip truck while they were out, so they at least got to eat hot food. (Which I’m pretty sure was GG’s motivation for taking GH out in the first place.) No, they didn’t bring anything home for Curly or me. (grumble grumble)

For my own part, I sat down with a notebook and started plotting my next story. I wrote about six pages interspersed with a running conversation with Curly who apparently is uncomfortable with quiet pauses. I came up with 13 different possibilities of a storyline for one of my characters. It was tough because Private Property and Sam’s Story both push the boundaries for me and coming up with something equally … erotic/sexy/kick-ass/depraved? … for subsequent characters is a challenge. Eventually I decided upon one idea and started fleshing it out, then overnight dumped that idea and decided upon a 14th version. One that I’d originally started writing for Sam last January and abandoned. So now I’m wondering if I was as productive as I’d originally thought. Or did I simply waste the day? I’m going to vote for productive – just to be positive in my own little airy fairy cloud over here – because even though I won’t use those ideas for Chad’s story, they’ll still be around for other characters. How’s that for spin control?

I deliberately didn’t work on Sam’s story this weekend – I wanted to let it sit as I wasn’t seeing it the way it really was anymore. My crit partners have sent the first three chapters back. No major edits, mainly little picky things which is a good sign. Although after a discussion with Amy Ruttan, I’ve decided to add an extra scene in the second or third chapter. Not a biggy, but it has to be written. It’s over the 60K that I’d originally aimed for, and is edging its way toward 70K which is making me nervous that it’s too bloated.

I also need to start looking ahead for the Ottawa Romance Writers’ Sweet and Spicy conference in a couple of weeks. I’m supposed to pitch to Brenda Chin of Harlequin Blaze. I guess I should dust off that manuscript I wrote in the spring and take a look at it. And I really need to take another look at my paranormals as Rose Hilliard of St. Martin’s Press will be there as well.

And one of these days I’ll get my edits on Private Property from my editor and have a deadline for them. So I’ve really got to get organized before the pressure kicks in. I can already hear Amy with her five book Linden Bay deadlines snickering darkly, “Pressure? You don’t know the meaning of the word!”

In the Dark (in the Middle of the Day)
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4 thoughts on “In the Dark (in the Middle of the Day)

  • September 8, 2008 at 4:36 am

    No power? WAH!!
    It’s amazing, really, when you think about it, how dependent we are on energy. No Wii, movies, computer, hot water.
    Thank goodness I have a gas stove.
    And PlayDoh!! 😉

  • September 8, 2008 at 6:48 am

    That sucks about the power.

    And pressure *snicker* 😉

  • September 8, 2008 at 7:54 am

    >>I sat down with a notebook and started plotting my next story.

    !?!?! … and where is the draft of Sam's story for me to slaver over …. I mean, … crit for you?!?

  • September 8, 2008 at 7:57 am

    Sue: It was on the computer, that I had no access to. That’s why I had to resort to writing by hand. And I don’t want to waste your time sending you a draft that I’m still editing. It’ll be there soon. Hopefully by the end of the week.

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