It’s been a running around day. I had all sorts of errands to do around town today, both for Guitar Hero and myself. Dry cleaners, dentist, banking, groceries, etc. I went out this evening and bought myself a pretty little clutch purse so I wouldn’t have to tote anything more than my business cards and hotel key around Friday night. You’d think considering I’ve been married 30 years, I’d have one nice little evening bag tucked away somewhere. Nope. Never owned one before. So I splurged.

And after indulging myself on that, I ducked into a place to have my eyebrows waxed. Now I’ve had that done enough that it doesn’t hurt – much. But when the girl asked me if I wanted my lip done, I shook my head and said no thanks, not this time. I guess she decided it needed doing anyway, because before I could blink she coated my upper lip in hot wax and applied the cloth. When she ripped that sucker off, I think BlueSue could hear me screech down in Texas. (No, not really, I didn’t even whimper. But I sure as heck WANTED to. Especially after I’d said no right at the start. But once that wax was on, I had no idea how they could get it off without going through with it.) Two hours later and my upper lip is still numb, but at least I don’t look like someone punched me the way I did.

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One thought on “Yeow

  • September 24, 2008 at 6:22 pm

    OOOWWWWW! I feel your pain, Leah!!
    I’m never having it done again, I don’t care how much I get confused with Tom Selleck!

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