I’ve been fiddling around with various storylines over the past couple of weeks. I’ve outlined a couple contemporary erotics as sequels to Sam’s story, mucked about with the contemporary paranormal I wrote last summer – the one the publisher I submitted it to lost. But a couple days ago, a story I wrote five years ago started talking to me again. I wrote it once as a 50K fantasy-romance, knowing nothing about how you really should have a happy-ever-after ending and left the hero and heroine parting as he went off to war. Oops. And sex? Um, I think there might have been a kiss or two. But that’s it. Lots of innuendo. But no sex. Vanilla.

And so I sat down at my computer and opened up Word and started writing it again. Oh, I’m not editing the old one, it’s not usable. My writing style has changed immensely since then (for the better I hope.) Today I actually started rewriting it from scratch. I’m hoping that since I know the characters so well, that since I’ve written it once, it’ll be easier as the details have been settled in my mind for a while. It’s a fantasy with dragons and wizards and magic. And sex – mustn’t forget to mention the sex.

And then Guitar Hero dashed up and showed me this cartoon that made me literally laugh out loud.
If you go to the link and let your mouse hover over the picture, there’s a popup box that says “Except for anything by Lewis Carroll or Tolkien, you get five made-up words per story.”

Hmm, five words, huh? Ooops. I think I’m at my limit and I’ve only written one chapter. Ah, the hell on rules! I’m creating my own swear words and animals and names. But don’t you just love that line “which are like swords but awesomer”? Doesn’t it remind you of something Dr. Horrible might say?

(I’d link to Dr. Horrible, but it only shows to people in the States, not us here in Canada. Or I’d post a clip from YouTube, but since they’re trying to sell the videos through iTunes I have a feeling the YouTube posts are breaching copyrights and I don’t want to breach copyrights. Have I confused you enough? Anyway, if you don’t know who Dr. Horrible is or how he’d use a word like awesomer … just trust me, he would definitely use a word like awesomer.)

Oh, all right, stop complaining, here’s a link to part one.

It’s awesomer
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2 thoughts on “It’s awesomer

  • October 24, 2008 at 11:54 am

    Awesomer. LOL

    It’s amazing how much a writing style can change, even in a few short months.

  • October 24, 2008 at 4:11 pm

    Careful, Leah. Your writing style might be growing up. *wink*

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