I’m writing this from my Mac for the first time. For Christmas, I bought Gizmo Guy a gizmo that would allow him to use his two computers with one keyboard, mouse and monitor. He hooked it up and discovered it had some problems. First off, he has power on passwords that the gizmo doesn’t handle well. Then it didn’t recognize his iPod touch. Nor did it recognize his external hard drive I’d also bought him for Christmas. So after spending a few days crawling under his desk and rewiring things, then giving up in disgust and pulling it all apart again, he has set up my system so I can use the Big Mac at the same time as my Windows PC.

It’s pretty cool. I start up both machines and can flip back and forth either using the “Flip” utility in the task bar or by pressing a handy-dandy little button. The Mac’s got a problem recognizing my Microsoft bluetooth mouse, but that’s easily solved. I simply have to unplug the little bluetooth plug and reinsert it. Fiddly, but hey, it’s neat having both systems in my office. And I’m really liking Scrivener for writing a first draft. It helps me stay on track by not letting me scroll back easily to see the rest of the doc. And I love its word count tracker that makes me focus that much more on completing my daily goal.

Anyway I’m back to writing my first draft of the next (still untitled) story in the Hauberk Protection series. I’ve managed over 2K today even though everyone’s home. I’m feeling the pressure as that widget over in the sidebar counts down to Private Property’s release. Because then I’ll have to put one up for Personal Protection. Which means I need to get ITS sequel DONE.

* * *

On yesterday’s blog, Lori suggested a “Let it All Hang out” type blog once a month. I think that’s a good idea. Once a month, I have to report what changes I’ve made for good or for bad. I’m starting slow with yesterday’s resolution. There have been lots of articles lately that those ‘big resolutions’ don’t work. That you have to start with small, reachable goals. I’ve also heard that it takes 27 days or repetitions for a habit to be made.

  • So my first habit/change is to stop using sugar in my tea and switch back to Sweet ‘n Low like I used to use. I can’t remember why I went back to sugar, but my hips know I did.
  • The next will be to get on my treadmill and do a certain numbers of minutes per day that will be upped regularly.
  • And I will write down everything I eat, and read the labels with a careful eye on fat content/cholesterol as well as calorie content.

Small steps. Then next month, I’ll add a couple more steps. Maybe add an extra exercise routine. So the first of every month will be my ‘Resolution Check in.’

One exercise Gizmo Guy recommended? Climbing under my desk and vacuuming the powerbar. Apparently the dust bunnies have a huge lair growing there.

All Wired Up
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5 thoughts on “All Wired Up

  • January 2, 2009 at 12:47 pm

    We should set my dust bunnies up with your dust bunnies and let them multiply someplace else!
    Cool beans about running your two machines! Does it make you work twice as fast?? 😉

  • January 2, 2009 at 4:49 pm

    glad to see you are up and running….

  • January 2, 2009 at 6:12 pm

    Every time you blog about setting up new equipment I get the vapours. I’m technophobic, what can I say…

    I’m getting excited about your upcoming release! I just read your post about resolutions and was very heartened by how your writing goals have come true. All good wishes for this new year, Leah.

  • January 2, 2009 at 6:16 pm

    Wylie – yes, on setting the dust bunnies up somewhere else. And Julia will be hyperventilating when she reads that no, it doesn’t make me work twice as fast, especially when it crashes the way it just did.

    *sigh* It worked fine all day and then suddenly everything stopped working and I had to do a hard reboot. Ouch. It’ll be coming out tomorrow and I’ll be going back to two separate stand alone machines. Probably for the best, even though it did help me write over 3K today by locking myself in the office.

  • January 4, 2009 at 8:25 am

    I have an idea, I’m going to use one of those writing goal widgets and put my treadmill goal and daily walks online. Keep myself honest. Maybe there’s one out there for tracking days the task was done so it would read 5/365. or .014% of the goal for the year. Eeeeuuw. No percentages please. Each day would have to be 100% of that days goal accomplished.

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