Nothing to talk about today, I wrote three guest blog posts, and another 1700 on my WIP, pulled out an old erotica I started last year and wondered why I’d put it away. But that’s it so I’ll leave you with some YouTube videos … one chosen by Gizmo Guy, one by Curly, and one by me …

Here’s the first one recommended by Gizmo Guy – the presidents morphing from George Washington to Barack Obama. (Does anyone else think Andrew Jackson resembles Sir Ian McKellan?)

And this one from Curly – Rick Mercer’s “Aging Barack Obama Art kit”. For those of you unfamiliar with Rick Mercer, he’s the Canadian equivalent to Stephen Colbert.

And my choice for today? Rick Mercer’s Rant on Canadian Envy of the Obama election and inauguration. Be thankful I didn’t post clips from his “Talking to Americans” show.

I’ve got ….
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  • January 21, 2009 at 9:05 pm

    All good videos. The aging one… so true, LOL! As is the point about the type of campaign Obama ran, although I can’t speak as much to the Canadian politics (but I did know that Harper was PM – does that count?)

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