Oh oh. I’ve been SO good about blogging lately, and here I’ve forgotten to blog for two days! Yikes. At least the weather’s finally warmed to above zero and the eight-inch-thick blocks of ice on the roof are starting to melt.

I’ve been hunkered down working both on writing the next in my series, and finishing some more edits my editor sent me. I got a sneak peak at my cover for Personal Protection and am quite pleased with the almost-finished product, especially since I know this one will eventually be on the cover of a book I’ll be able to hold in my hand.

15 Samhain authors have written Valentine’s Day short stories that are available for free download again. And once again, I adored Inez Kelley’s submission. Don’t miss reading her Frisky Business (especially if you read her New Year’s Eve story – it follows the same couple). It’s really sweet. As is Shelley Munro‘s The Important Things, and my friend from Montreal, Anne Hope’s Her Heart’s Desire. Oh, and don’t forget that every four days, there is a new Swag Hunt over on The Samhellion. Swag Hunt #2 ends tonight at midnight. Don’t wait until I’m on the list (which will be during Swag Hunt #4) because there’s still a chance to win free books. Always a good thing.

Private Property is still on the Bestseller’s list over at My Bookstore and More, it’s been bumped from the top spot since there have been two release days since its release, but it’s hanging in at #6 today.

I almost forgot! I’m blogging over at The Samhellion blog today – a chatty post about how I’ve broken a vow I took in childhood.

Mea Culpa
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  • February 8, 2009 at 7:31 pm

    Thanks for mentioning my story. I’ve been busy writing, too. 🙂

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