My WIP is trucking along. I added 2600 words yesterday and another 2500 so far today (actually a bit more, I deleted about 500 in notes I’d written ahead of time for today’s scenes, but Scrivener deletes that from your progress chart, so to get to a positive you have to replace what you deleted.) Best of all I’ve started dreaming about it, so I’m getting into the story. I find it SO much easier to write when I can get that deep into the storyline. Trouble was last night’s dream was more of a nightmare – it was a rather dark scene I’d plotted as an inciting incident. But the dream added a twist I hadn’t considered before. Bonus!

I also finished an interview this afternoon. I’ll give you the details on the when and the where once I hear the date it’ll be posted. I had to answer 20 questions. When they sent them, they said not to worry about conciseness. Well, if you read this blog, you know I seldom worry about conciseness, so that wasn’t a problem. I love rambling on. (like now)

I have to stay up late again tonight – Curly gets back from Florida at 1:30 a.m. Ugh. Of course, the rain they predicted to arrive this afternoon arrived in the form of snow. That should be fun for him to come down in. I’ve not heard a word from him since he left, I really hope he’s had fun. I tried to get a clip of the last time he was in Disneyworld – he was four and we were on the Mad Hatters Teacup ride. It’s a beautiful little clip of him laughing his head off, but neither GG nor I could figure out how to transfer it from the DVD we’ve had made of it to a form I could post.

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