Since I’m still away, here’s some more of Curly’s school trip to Disneyworld. The only picture he didn’t get is one of him in his tuxedo when his band was actually playing, pity, because I’d have loved one.

Curly in Disneyworld Continued…

This is saying a lot, but the fourth day was the best. We went to the Animal kingdom. With the gigantic tree of life and Expedition Everest.(Leah here – does that mountain remind anyone else of the one at Canada’s Wonderland?)

We just did too much in the Animal Kingdom; we watched a live-action musical on Finding Nemo, went to the 3D “Bug’s Life” show. (This one got you wet, farted on you, stabbed you and made you jump out of your seat as maggots popped out of the bench… it was more fun then it sounds.) Of course, the girls insisted on meeting some Disney characters.

Normally as a dude this overloads my “Cute-meter” but hey, I’m probably never going back, not without my own kids hogging all the spotlight anyways.

(Leah: I think I can see why this day was his favorite … and no, it’s not because of the duck.)

That very same day we were headed out to Epcot, which I now know stands for Experimental Project Community Of Tomorrow. There wasn’t a lot to see there, except for another finding Nemo show, which was pretty cool, and a guided tour of a hydroponic and Aeroponic garden where they bred biologically enhanced produce, I found it fascinating, I guess that makes me a nerd.

A lot of countries were represented there in village form, but from what I’ve heard, and from what I’ve seen in the Canada village, a lot of it is bad representation. I mean do we really have these things in Canada?

(Leah here again: You’re right, Curly, I can’t say I’ve EVER seen a red phone booth in Canada.)

Nope, not that I’ve seen, but according to them…

They also had a lightshow once the sun went down but having seen Fantasmic and the fireworks display at the Magic Kingdom it seemed pretty lame.

Day Five was basically open to whatever you wanted to do. Most people headed over to Blizzard Beach, me and a few others park hopped around doing what we missed in the previous parks. By this time we had a system, whenever a parade started we hit the rides because everyone was watching them instead of standing in queue. After jumping around just about every park, almost all of us converged back in Downtown Disney and fooled around for a bit.

Apparently Disney and Harley have kind of a thing going on.

(Leah here again: Oh NO! Don’t tell me Curly’s become a motorcycle Dude-in-training! Guitar Hero’s been a bad influence, hasn’t he?)

I was disappointed to learn it wasn’t really honey.

Leah: Um, yeah, you ARE aware what “honeypot” is a euphemism for, aren’t you Curly?
Although I guess it’s better than touching Pooh. (Sorry Curly, I couldn’t resist)

Sixth day seemed a bit too sad to realize. Our park tickets were expired so everyone hit the nearby outlet mall. There wasn’t a lot there that we didn’t have in Canada (Which I was actively referring to as The Old Country) other then fudge so sugary you can’t take more than a square centimeter at a time. The whole group went to a all-you-can-eat under the chaperones’ dollar as thanks for being so well-behaved and then we were off to Orlando International.

There’s an entirely different feel to life when you’re abroad, you’re more aware and more objective, this feeling still hasn’t worn off completely. Maybe it was because of this feeling that I was able to get to school on time the next day when people were calling me crazy for not taking the day off. Truth be told, I wasn’t really all that tired, and I was behind in my studies after all…

That’s really all there is to tell. The phrase “experience of a life-time” seems to apply. I don’t want to say it’s the best time I’ll have in my life, I do hope to one day experience love, marriage and fatherhood after all, but it will certainly rank.

That’s all well and good for a lovely week.

Thanks for sharing your experiences, Curly. And I couldn’t resist putting in that photo of Curly when he was 4 eating the exact same type of ice cream in about the same spot, just a different angle. Quite a change in him, eh?

I should be back tomorrow with a post of my weekend away with the girls, hopefully a huge wordcount to report, and on Tuesday, Catherine Wade will be guest blogging about her first release, Let’s Dish.

Curly in Disneyworld, Part Deux
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  • March 1, 2009 at 11:45 am

    The exepedition ride is amazing. One of my all time favorites I’ve ever been on. The Bugs 4D was way to intense for Miss M who was 4. She still remembers it as the one that scared her with the giant Hopper. (He’s the bad guy from A Bug’s Life.)

    Glad you had a lifetime experience and that you shared it with us!

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