The second Friday the Thirteenth in two months is coming to a close. I can hardly believe that exactly one month ago, Curly was in Florida. Time sure has flown by.

I’m not a triskaidekaphobic, in other words I don’t tend to think bad things happen on Friday the thirteenths any more than they would on any other day. Especially since Gizmo Guy’s Birthday is on the next Friday the thirteenth – Yup. We’ve got a three Friday the 13ths this year – next one is up in November, so you’ve got some breathing room.

I did good writing wise again today – 2805 words so far, though I’m still writing, and actually it was a bit more but I cut out about 300 words because the scene was going somewhere I didn’t want it to go. And I’m really pleased with that number simply because I’ve had to go out a couple times this morning. Once to pick Guitar Hero up at work early this morning, and another to take him out to the accountants – where he’ll probably think Friday the 13th worked against him. (He was expecting a big tax refund and ended up not getting diddly. How can someone who earns less than the national poverty level not get their tax money back? How does the Canadian government expect someone to live on minimum wage and still pay the taxes we do? Honestly? I want to know! Yes I did vote, but the party I voted for didn’t get in, so I am allowed to complain.)

Other than that, not much else has been going on. I’m hoping to keep up the wordcount on the weekend, though I’m not sure it’s possible. Curly is home now on March Break, though we don’t have anything planned other than getting him ‘out there’ to find a summer job. Our area has been particularly hard hit with cut backs this year – our employment rate went up 99%. Yes, that’s ninety nine percent. Not nine point nine percent. It’s brutal. So Curly’s hope of finding employment is slim to none. Which is why he’s just enrolled for another year of school – he will graduate high school this year, but since the government stopped grade 13 the year Guitar Hero graduated, his school board offers their students the chance to take another year if they so choose. Curly’s going to upgrade his English and Math courses to university level, and take a co-op program that hopefully will help him decide upon ‘what he wants to be when he grows up’. Something I didn’t decide until I was forty eight.

When did you decide what you wanted to be ‘when you grew up’? Or have you yet figured that out? Or did you get to be what you wanted and then the job market changed and you had to find a new skill or trade?

Triskaidekaphobic? Not me.
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