We’re at Friday already. Where the heck has the week gone? If it had been yesterday, I would have said I’d lost yet another week, but looking back today, I’ve actually accomplished a fair amount, despite the fact that 3 out of 5 days this week I’ve been battling major migraines.

I’ve only had a few migraines in my life, but in the past year, they’re becoming more and more frequent. To the point where I have to crawl into my bed, pull the drapes shut, pull the covers over my head because any light makes me nauseous. Light. Noise. Anything will make it worse. Weird part is I’ve been waking up at 2 in the morning with them. I’ve started wondering if it’s a chemical reaction to something I’ve been eating. I had been using a sugar substitute since I started my diet, then switched to another that had less after-taste. Two headaches that week. So I switched back to the original one. Three head aches. Probably not that. Besides they started before I changed from sugar anyway.

Gizmo Guy came home from work one day and said that he’d heard a report that migraines can be caused by a weather change of five degrees. (Celsius, Fahrenheit? I have no idea, probably C) Which makes sense – I’ve often been able to tell the weather was going to change when I got a headache. So maybe that’s it. Except that on Twitter, I’m seeing other people reporting of major headache problems this week. But they’re not in my location, they’re scattered around the world. So I’m doubting it’s weather-related.

Talking about twitter, I’m finding it quite interesting, in fact I think it’s the reason why I’m finding it hard to blog lately. Twitter just seems so much more immediate. And I’ve gained some interesting followers. I joked once with Jambrea from the Cafe about having taken a BDSM course for Writers as part of researching Personal Protection, and wouldn’t you know I gained a half dozen BDSM followers, including a professional dominatrix. I mentioned I was rendering my video on Final Cut Pro, and two minutes later the Final Cut Pro gurus followed me offering tips every hour, along with a couple other video makers. It’s interesting, yet strangely bizarre.

Anyway, even though I’ve had these headaches, and I’ve not had much sleep, I’ve still managed to:

  • finish another set of minor edits on Personal Protection–this was a result of a question I left for Angela in the last round of edits about clarifying Hauberk’s organizational setup. Can someone tell me why one tiny change, that ended up only being one paragraph change on in chapter two and another paragraph change in chapter twelve, took 7 hours to do, when other major changes (as in adding thousands of words) have taken less than a couple hours. Weird. (Oh, and I got word from my editor today that Personal Protection is on its way to be formatted ready for release. Yaay!)
  • continue editing Andy’s story. I added close to 10K to it this week, 3700 today alone. The first draft was more of an extended synopsis. A 48K synopsis. I’d completely written out some scenes while others I simply outlined and moved on because I didn’t want to lose momentum. The ‘filling’ in that I’m doing in the second draft process is easier for me because I now have an idea of where I’m going and what has to be accomplished in each scene.
  • As part of that, thanks to this week’s editing, I have the first three chapters in pretty good shape. I’m going to let them sit for a couple days then I’ll go over them once more before I send them out for critique.
  • I’m pretty much done the book trailer for Personal Protection. I’ve been doing that in the evening when the writing fairies have flown away. I’m doing this one on Final Cut Pro which came with the Big Mac. It’s like taking a Lamborghini for a drive down the block to pick up a quart of milk, but I’m having fun. Learning new software packages have become my new hobby, since my old one (writing) has become an obsession profession. I’m really pleased with how it’s turned out. It’s quite a fun video, inspired by a tango that reminds me of Mr. and Mrs. Smith. I hope to get it up next week. I only have one thing left to tweak and it involves keyframes that I need Guitar Hero’s help with.
  • My kitchen counter is clean. Well, okay, cleaner. It’s not sparkling but I’ll settle for reasonably clean considering there are four cooks in the kitchen at any given time.
  • My kitchen floor has been swiffered and while I wouldn’t rely on the 10 second rule or whatever it is about how long food can stay there before you shouldn’t eat it, I don’t feel too bad about visitors coming over the way I normally do.
  • Curly’s bedroom is clean. (Hallelujah) That was part of his March break assignment, and he waited until the last day to accomplish it. The upside of that? (Other than the obvious two bags of garbage he hauled out of there that I don’t even want to think about?) The huge monitor that came with the Big Mac is now out of the living room and is now gracing Curly’s desk. The down side of it is the little monitor he used to have is now occupying a seat on my living room couch. As is the boombox he’s had for years. I wonder how long they’ll stay there. I’m betting months.

Still to be done that I was supposed to do this week but will have to be done in the coming week?

  1. The freebie shortstory I signed up for on the upcoming Samhellion Spring Fling extravaganza. I HAVE to get that done this weekend, but so far I’ve been uninspired. I’ve come up with two separate plotlines that sort of involve spring, have written two different stories to 1,000 words each, but spring in Canada is COOL. And I want my story to be HOT. So I have to take them inside. And that’s when they both spluttered out. Although, I think as I’m typing this I’ve come up with a possible solution …
  2. I need to arrange more advertising or blog hops or something for Personal Protection. Kimber Chin, JK Choi and I have been hammering out details of joint blog hop. And I’ve got another arranged over on Erotic Muses, as well as one at Nikki Duncan’s blog (who I discovered I knew from Candy Haven’s WriteWorkshop loop). But I need more. But what? Do I need bookmarks? A couple places I’ve seen looking for goodies have specifically said “no bookmarks or cover flats or postcards”. All righty then. How about cover ads on review sites? I’m hearing from a lot of people they’re a waste of money. I don’t know. I need to go through the tons of data from the two marketing courses I took last month. *sob where do I find the time* I’m also thinking I need to have a contest where you have to sign up for my newsletter. But I’m not sure where to find the people. I did a contest on The Romance Studio, and have 44 people who agreed to be contacted again, but don’t really know how to add them to my Yahoo group. I want to bump the numbers up higher. I guess that takes time. And energy, because often it means chatting on other Yahoo loops, and I’m not much of a chatter.
  3. I want to come up with a different warning for Personal Protection. I really don’t like the one that’s there now. I don’t know if they’ll let me change it out at this late date, but I’m going to ask IF I can come offer an improvement.
  4. Edit more on Andy’s story. I’m watching the clock/calendar tick by and seeing Samhain scheduling October’s slate already. I don’t want too long to go between releases.
  5. At the same time, I want to write other stories, shorts, novellas, etc. to send either to Samhain or to EC. I am conflicted about that one though. This one I think will have to be put off to after Andy’s story is completed and submitted.

And on the non-writing front?

  • get Gizmo Guy to finally put up the ceiling lamp in the office. Currently it’s only lit by a small goose neck desk lamp and the place is just too dim. (I’d been wondering if that was the reason I’d been getting headaches, but two days ago I took my laptop into the family room where it was bright and sunny and worked there for the day. Middle of the night I woke up with the worst migraine yet, so I guess the gooseneck isn’t a factor.)
  • vacuum. OMG where does all this dust and hair come from? I used to blame the dog, but it’s obviously just from us. Ugh!
  • laundry. How can a family of four generate so much freaking laundry?

And here people think the life of a writer involves lying back on your chaisse longue with your feet up, eating bon-bons. I wish!

To Do vs Done, That’s the Question

4 thoughts on “To Do vs Done, That’s the Question

  • March 27, 2009 at 5:01 pm

    Man, I thought MY week was packed! 🙂 Wow, you did get alot done, I don’t know how you’ll get the rest done. But I know you will and probably have another insane list next week.

    On the spring fling – it’s not cold here… There are lots of places warm. Let me know if you want to brain storm.

  • March 27, 2009 at 5:09 pm

    Dani, your week IS packed. You work full time, have a young daughter to take care of, plus all the usual housework on top of all that. Believe me, mine little list is nothing compared to yours. (I used to do it, I know how long it is. Funny thing is, if you quit, you wonder where you used to find the time to do all the stuff that suddenly fills up the day.)

    And yes, I’d LOVE to brainstorm. As for the ‘cool’ reference, I was hoping to place the story in a Canadian location for once. Somewhere I was familiar with. I had been toying with Niagara Falls, which is gorgeous in springtime. But alas, even in May there can still be snow in the gorge. (not elsewhere, just at the bottom of the cliffs, but still…not “sex outside” type weather. Not really.

  • March 27, 2009 at 9:34 pm

    So sorry about the migraines. You commiserated with me, now I’m commiserating with you. And yet, we always manage to get a shitload done, even while our heads are imploding. Amazing, no?

    As for the cause, I’ve come to the conclusion that mine are now mostly hormonal in nature.I was getting 2 or 3 every week, but since I went on preventive medication, I only get them the day before and the first day of my period. And they last until my hormone levels have gone back to normal. Ugh. I must be the only woman ever who is dying for menopause to come and go.

    But I also get them with severe weather changes, too. And if I eat sugar on an empty stomach. Any of these ringing a bell for you?

    Anyway, hang in there – glad you still managed to get a ton accomplished. I was totally useless this time around.

  • March 30, 2009 at 8:11 am


    Oh, good Lord, if it’s related to hormones, I’m doomed. (That button picture pretty much sums me up lately) My hormones are completely screwed up right now. Which would explain why I’ve been getting so many headaches. Arrgh.

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