Another weekend finished. Come to think of it, tomorrow another month finishes. I can’t believe how fast time is flying. I had intended to get so much done, not only on the writing front but on the home front as well. A couple things are cleaner, but mainly Gizmo Guy and I struggled to get a light up in the office. It’s up, but boy, was it hard to do.

We had an overheat light in the office but it was blowing bulbs about every three weeks. We figured it was an old fixture so we replaced it with an energy efficient florescent circle unit. They’re supposed to last years and years. Or 5,000 hours, anyway. It lasted three weeks. After we spent $30 to replace the lightbulb, the new one blew within a month too. So we figured we’d change out that unit and try something different. Gizmo Guy put it in when I was away one day, it wasn’t an expensive fixture, but it was dim even when it worked. Then it started causing problems and within two months we gave up. We figure it’s to do with the aluminum wiring our house is wired with. (If ever you are looking at a house to buy – do NOT buy it if it’s got aluminum wiring. Nothing but problems, believe me.) Anyway, we’ve been existing with only a tiny gooseneck desk lamp that we had to aim at the wall because it kept getting in our eyes otherwise.

Since the floorspace in our little office is extremely limited (as in there is no free floorspace), we’ve been looking for a wall lamp. No such luck. They’re passe. The other day, Gizmo Guy shopped in his favorite store (Value Village) and came home with a ‘find’. He’s pretty good at sniffing them out. A Tiffany style ceiling light that he said he could rewire and turn into a swag lamp. Which he’s done. (the cord’s hidden behind the ceiling medallion and comes out the front which we’ve covered with a special wiring tube — I deliberately cropped the photo so you couldn’t see it, LOL) I know the first picture makes it look like it’s pink, but it’s not, it’s more coral, like in the second picture. The lamp is so frickin’ heavy it was hard to put up trying to hold it over your head – it took three of us to manage while GG was attaching the screws to the studs. (Boy that manages to sound dirty even when I didn’t intend it to.) But now it’s up and I have light in my cave once more. (Ain’t it purty?)

Four really good things about it: a) the price. $15. Yup, Gizmo Guy found a real steal that day, b) because GG’s wired it as a swag lamp that plugs into a wall socket, we can take it with us if we ever move, c) it’s pretty and lights my office really well – it’ll take up to 150 watt bulb so I don’t have to squint in bad light, although we’ve only put a 100 watt Reveal bulb in it that is much easier to read by. My eyes are in shock. And d) it’s an open unit, which means we can still use when we have to use those godawful swirly bulbs starting in 2012. Okay, I just went off on a paragraph-long rant about how I hate those things and how they don’t last more than four months in this house. But I deleted it. So you can all relax now.

Oh, and I almost forgot the fifth good thing about the light. Gizmo Guy found a little dimmer gizmo so if I think it’s too bright I can tone it down. Now I just need a dimmer switch unit in the bedroom 😉

Illuminating my Cave
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3 thoughts on “Illuminating my Cave

  • March 30, 2009 at 4:36 am

    My Mom loves VV too. The other day she found a complete CHIP free set of Royal Doulton Bunnykins for $2.50. I’m not kidding, she got it for the new baby and me sort of because I have a bunch of Bunnykins.

    When she was pushing her cart out the door a woman stopped her and said “I’ve been looking for Bunnykins everywhere.” And then just stood there staring at my Mom as if to say Give that to me. Of course my mother didn’t, and the woman followed her through the entire store. Mom got annoyed and left, taking Bunnykins with her and getting dirty looks from the other bargain hunter.

    I assume the woman was seeing if Mom would leave her cart unattended. Okay I’ll stop now before I start ranting further about people. LOL.

    Some people.

    Looks great.

  • March 30, 2009 at 8:02 am

    It’s purty 🙂

  • March 31, 2009 at 1:53 am

    Looks great, Leah. It’s very pretty. I bet it’s easier on your eyes as well 🙂

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