I’ve been fighting a miserable cold this week. (Thanks a lot, Gizmo Guy! grumble grumble) Yet, even though I am a bit discombobulated, I’ve had an incredibly productive day.

The discombobulation? I had thought my Toronto Romance Writers meeting was today and decided it wouldn’t be very nice of me to go and infect everyone else. Luckily I twittered that I wouldn’t be going and JK Coi informed me that the meeting had been put off to next week. There was a real *face/palm* moment. Good thing I didn’t drive in to Toronto after all.

I’ve finalized two book trailers that I’ve been fiddling with. One I created last night on a whim – it’s a funny little trailer for the short that I’ve written for the upcoming Spring Fling. I got to use some of my own home movies as well as some of Gizmo Guy’s photography. And I finally finished tweaking Personal Protection’s trailer. I’ll put it up here tomorrow, since it’ll be exactly one month til Sam’s story releases. (Whoa, where’s the time gone?) I had a lot of fun with both of them, and I’ve learned a lot about Final Cut Pro while making them.

Can you hear the choirs of angels singing the Hallelujah chorus? I can. And I’m singing with them because Guitar Hero drove himself over to Blue Monkey’s place on his motorcycle this afternoon. It’ll be the first time he’s done that, thanks to the lousy weather we’ve had this past week. Yay! No more “Mom, can you drive me …” Now I can say “Drive yourself!” (Although Blue Monkey isn’t any more enthusiastic about getting on the back of the motorcycle than I would be. So if the two of them want to go out, I may still be drafted into a taxi service.) Next step: getting him his driver’s license. Although I’m not keen on letting him drive my car either. And though you probably can’t hear it, I can already hear him snarling when Blue Monkey tells him I wrote that last comment.

Oh, and I owe Gizmo Guy a bit of an apology – I doubted that he could fix our electrical problems in the office. *groveling to GG: You fixed it. I shouldn’t have doubted you.* Yes, the power is back up in my office. Hmm, I hear those angels singing their Hallelujahs again. Maybe they’re preparing for tonight’s Easter Vigil. Either that or they’re amazed that I can admit that I was wrong … after all, that is fairly rare. My being wrong, I mean. 😉

A rare event. VERY rare.
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