As many of you know, I joined the ranks on Twitter a while back. It’s been interesting watching my “following” grow. When I mentioned brownies one day, I had a half dozen people interested in recipes follow me. Poor people, they don’t realize that when I cook, I tell when something is done by when the smoke alarm goes off. Seriously! TWICE this week I’ve set fire to my toaster oven while I was grilling some cheese sandwiches – open-faced, melt the cheese until it bubbles and starts to turn brown. Okay, so it melted, dripped onto the burners and caught fire when I wasn’t watching. The bread got burned but I ate it anyway. Ooops, I wandered off topic there again, didn’t I? Oh, yeah — I was talking about Twitter and how people follow me. Anyway, when I mentioned I’d taken a BDSM course last year, I had a half dozen people in the BDSM world–professional dommes for instance–tag along. When someone starts following you, Twitter sends you an email telling who is following so you can follow them as well or if they turn out to be a spammer, you can block them. (For the record, I don’t “autofollow” people.) I’m always interested when people follow me who I don’t know. How did they find me? Did they see something I posted on the open loop and think it was interesting? Did I reply to someone they follow and they wanted to see what I’d said? Did they read something I’ve written and like it, are they a fan? Nah, that’s too big headed to consider.

This morning I had a small squee moment when I got an email telling me a favorite radio personality from Toronto was following me. Erin Davis of CHFI. I’ve listened to Erin for decades. Literally. She and I were pregnant at the same time – her with her daughter Lauren, me with Curly. (And since Curly is now 18, that tells you that I’m not exaggerating when I say decades.) When she left CHFI for a while, I followed her to her new station, and was thrilled when CHFI realized what a mistake they’d made and brought her back. She’s one of those down-to-earth people that I’ve always envisioned you could sit down and gossip with over tea or coffee. Which made me wonder, of all the people in the Golden Horseshoe, or in the Twitter world for that matter, how the heck did she find ME?
Because my head’s been in such a fog lately, I’ve not been making much progress on my editing of Andy’s story. So I’ve been reading. First Maya Bank’s book – which I heartily enjoyed, especially since it was free, LOL. Yesterday, I read fellow Toronto Romance Writer JK Coi’s Dark Immortal. I have to confess that I’ve not read the first two books in JK’s Immortal series, but that didn’t stop me from enjoying her Dark Immortal. Well done JK to write a book in a series that can stand alone. And even better, that makes me want to go out and buy the first two. It’s an urban fantasy with demons and vampires and kick-ass Immortal demon slayers. What I didn’t realize until I’d finished her DI was that it was another amnesia story. What are the odds that I’d read two amnesia stories back-to-back? Again, thoroughly enjoyable. Lots of sexual tension which I really enjoy, and I admire how writers can create and sustain the tension when the characters don’t actually have sex until quite a ways through the book. But when they do, whew! turn on the air conditioning!

Don’t forget the contests are still ongoing over at The Samhellion, as well as the free short stories.

Friday Rambling
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