I’m not sure how many people who read this aren’t also authors who understand the editing process, but if you’re not a writer and wonder what it is authors look for when they’re editing, or have read a book and thought “something’s off with that” but can’t figure out why, here’s a GREAT video explaining things authors have to watch for. Be warned, it’s ten minutes long, but it’s chock full of good examples.

Holly Lisle has a whole series of books on plotting and writing dialogue, etc. She runs courses that writers can take, including a year long one called “How to Think Sideways.”

**Edited** Sorry about the ‘spillover’ but YouTube has gone to these wide screens and they sure screw up Blogger.

Also if you have a chance, go over to Julia’s A Piece of My Mind blog today. She’s clearing up a few … mis-statements by John McCain and Janet Napolitano. As a Canadian, I’m fed up with these continuing lies.

What is editing anyway?
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2 thoughts on “What is editing anyway?

  • April 28, 2009 at 7:02 am

    Neet video. And also like you I am fumming at the remarks made by McCain and Napolitano. I went to Julia’s blog and it was wonderful. The US goverment can be such bullies at times and like you I am fed up at their finger pointing.

  • April 28, 2009 at 6:37 pm

    I certainly found the timeline enlightening. Seems like I get my best coverage of our news from Canada!

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