OMG where the heck has time gone? It’s May 3rd already. Personal Protection releases in less than two weeks and I’m no where near ready. In order to determine a marketing strategy, I’ve been spending a ton of time examining my website stats, trying to figure out which ads have worked. And which haven’t. Strangely enough the most hits I received in April came from a quote I gave to Kimber Chin for her to use in a blog she did. Not the cover ads I’ve paid for, not the blog posts I’ve done, not even my twittering. A mention in someone else’s blog got me hundreds of hits. Weird. (Yes, I immediately booked myself a spot on that sites’ blog. If I can get that type of response from a mere mention, what’ll I get for having my post? Probably none, LOL. Marketing is strange.)

In the meantime, I’ve started my blog hopping. When I read someone else’s blog and discover a cover, a blurb, and an excerpt, I’ll be honest. I click off. That’s a glorified ad. If the author can’t take the time to put some thought into their post, why should I waste my time? However, if the author is talking about the process of writing the book, I’m more likely to stick around andread their post, and scan their excerpt.

Therefore, I’m trying to make each blog post unique. I also try to choose a subject that ties in with whatever book is coming out. (Boy, does that ever sound weird — whatever book is coming out — OMG I have TWO books out, and two freebies. Holy Moly, that makes me sound like a real author!)

However, I often wonder what readers want to know. So here’s your chance – tell me what type of blogs you read, what gets you to stay on the page and read. Or what do you want to know about Personal Protection or me? Have at it!

What Do You Want to Know About?
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2 thoughts on “What Do You Want to Know About?

  • May 3, 2009 at 5:10 pm

    For me it depends…I try to look at different blogs and topics. You never know , you might find a new author there you might like…
    huge congrats on the coming release…..

  • May 4, 2009 at 7:20 pm

    Leah, your blog always has some interesting tidbit about writing or life in general that I can relate to, chuckle at or commiserate with.

    You know I’m not as active online as I should be, but I have a few blogs that I follow because they have good information either technically about writing, or about the industry, and some that I follow simply because they are interesting — sometimes not profound, but that they reveal bits and pieces of human nature.

    so for you, I would just say to keep up the good work. *ducks from the cliche!*

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