All right, I have to admit it, I’m starting to feel old. It’s all thanks to my eyesight. Last year I blogged about having to wear two pair of glasses since my prescription is so screwed up that my trifocals don’t have enough room for me to focus on the middle distance level. I got a second pair of glasses so I could work on my computer without having tears streaming down my face as my eyes strained so badly.

Recently Gizmo Guy noticed that while my monitor is a proper distance in the morning, when he comes home at night, it’s pulled right to the edge of my desk and I’m leaning over the keyboard squinting at it. My middle distance glasses have stopped working. I’ve changed my fonts on Firefox to LARGEST, but then the menus on screens like iGoogle all run together. In Word, I work in “Text Width” which blows the fonts up to 150%, and I still can’t read them without squinting. *sob*

Since we’ve got an anniversary coming up, and since it’s my “BIG” birthday in a few months as well (NO NO NO, I can’t be turning THAT age! Say it ain’t SO!) GG bought me a new monitor and put it up for me today. It’s a 22″ wide screen with HDMI. It’s beautiful. I can see wearing my “distance” glasses without squinting.

I can read my screens on Word again! But look at these screens – look how large everything is. When the boys looked at it they snickered and turned away. “OLD LADY” I could imagine them saying. (The screen’s straight it’s my picture that’s crooked.)

Most programs adapt, but I’ve been using Outlook Express lately (not my favorite program, but it is the only program I have that will attach my banners and let me put links in for my books.) Though you can change how the messages display, I’ve not found a method to change the text on the folders or the list of emails waiting to be opened. If anyone can tell me how to make them bigger, leave a comment, will you?

Tomorrow Long and Short of It’s Whipped Cream section is posting an interview I did. Take a gander over there tomorrow – and don’t forget to come back here. There’s a huge contest starting tomorrow and I’ll be posting the details on how you can win one of 50 books.

Monitoring my vision, an interview, and a contest

One thought on “Monitoring my vision, an interview, and a contest

  • May 4, 2009 at 6:35 pm

    It’s beautiful. Love that. Had to get a new monitor for one of my office girls. Didn’t realize I bought her a 21″ (it was on sale). Now all the other girls want to rebel or do something to their existing monitor to get one too!

    The bigger monitors make such a big difference. Now you can write more without hurting your eyes.

    I won’t comment on the BD 😉

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